My Favourite Moments of 2017

30 Dec 2017

My Favourite Moments of 2017

Admittedly there’s still some of 2017 to go so if my absolute favourite moment happens in the next 24 hours, I’ll let ya know. In the meantime, these are just a few of my favourite moments of the last year:

Surprising my step-dad in Devon for his 50th birthday at the beginning of January. He opened the door expecting a Tesco delivery driver and was greeted by us holding a big birthday balloon and yelling ‘surprise!’. His face was a picture.

Eating at Read’s restaurant to celebrate my birthday and our two-year anniversary. The food was incredible and we had such an amazing evening.

Exploring more of Edinburgh with one of my favourite people and having the best time.

Seeing the night time view of New York City from the top of the Empire State Building. The wind up there was ridiculous and I had to cling desperately onto my dress to try and maintain my dignity but THAT VIEW. It genuinely took my breath away. We spent 9 months planning our trip to New York and it was everything I hoped it would be. Seeing the city sparkle beneath us was my favourite moment of the whole week. And there were a lot of amazing moments to choose from.

Making a 5-year plan with G in our favourite pub. We imagined our wedding, travel, house buying, children; all whilst somewhat intoxicated.

Swimming in an almost-infinity pool with the. Most. Glorious. View. in Corfu, Greece.

Singing (very loudly) along to Britney songs with my gals after a day spent walking, saving sheep (no really) and chilling by the fire in our little cottage in the Welsh countryside.

Standing my ground at work and getting the exact pay rise I’d asked for. Empowerment and all that.

Meeting Eliza, my cousin’s little one; the latest addition to the family. She’s now five months old and is absolutely adorable.

Walking along Bamburgh beach with G during our mini holiday up north. The sky was a perfect blue, G persuaded me to dip my toes in the freezing sea and the beautiful beach stretched endlessly in front of us.

Watching my blog slowly grow. I did my first sponsored post, my first review post and St Albans cathedral got in touch to ask if they could use my images in this post for promotion purposes. My stats are still small but people are reading my rambles and it makes me smile.

Dancing to 80/90s music at my best friend’s hen do. We weren’t expecting to end up in a club but the spontaneity of it just added to the sheer joy of belting out some absolute classics at the top of our voices.

Drinking wine sat outside a bar with my girls not long after arriving for our weekend in Paris. I just had such a sense that it was going to be a corker of a weekend.

Finishing a week of working late in the office at the end of November and coming home to the St Albans Christmas market. The lights were twinkling, there was Christmas music playing and it started to snow. I just had this sudden spurt of emotional excitement at the fact that Christmas was here.

Waking up to heavy snow at the beginning of December. It’s been years since I’ve seen snow like that down south and St Albans was a magical winter wonderland; so happy I got the chance to see it.

Arriving in Sheffield for Christmas to find my dad waiting for me at the station wearing an elf t-shirt and a Santa hat. I laughed so hard.

Feeling pretty content with my lot throughout the year.

Happy new year folks!