24 Apr 2024

March Journal | How Is It Easter Already?

March Journal

You know you have really good intentions at the start of the year and then you blink and it’s the end of March and you’re buying a ‘hoppy easter’ bunny basket from Oxfam (99p, what a win!), wondering where the first three months went? That’s basically how I feel right now. 

I got some news at work mid-January that is dominating everything right now and it’s really stressful, but also just really annoying. I make an active point to keep work at work, but this is flowing into my home life, flowing into my plans, flowing into my mood. I want to be able to not think about it when I log off and I can’t. It feels like, until it’s resolved, we’re living in a bit of a limbo and it’s giving me an odd sensation that 2024 hasn’t really got going yet. I have a feeling I’ll get to New Year’s Eve and be like ‘huh weren’t we only here six months ago?’ 

Still, despite not quite understanding how it can already have been and gone, Easter weekend is one of my favourites of the year. It’s like a much more chilled, sunnier, chocolatier version of Christmas. An air of celebration in the air but without any pressure. It is acceptable to do absolutely nothing and absolutely everything, and I really enjoy it. We went to the first ‘Foodie Friday’, the monthly street food fair that happens in our town throughout Spring and Summer, had a roast with my parents, did an easter egg hunt with Alfie (hence the 99p Oxfam purchase), enjoyed the sunshine, had drinks with our neighbours and ate plenty of chocolate. 

It reminded me to keep focusing on the good stuff and that it’s okay to enjoy them even when something stressful is hovering over you like an irritating black cloud. April is a rammed month, with both good and stressful things, but, in the moment, I’m going to try and not let the stressful stuff dominate over the good memories to be had. 


Meeting at Wimpole for a catch up with our friends and their baby. Alfie loving the pigs and tractors.

Alfie’s sheer joy over the travelator in Sainsbury’s. Toddlers really do make you see the joy in the mundane. 

The kindness of transport drivers when they see a little boy excitedly watching; this month, a train driver has waved furiously and beeped the horn as Alfie stood on the side of the tracks, a bus driver has let Alfie sit in the driver’s seat and a market trader has let Alfie sit in and ‘drive’ a tractor. 

A family holiday in the most spectacular house in Camber Sands. 

The excitement Alfie has when he sees a ‘traaaactor’, ‘loddy’ (lorry), ‘tweet tweet’ and ‘chuuuurch’ – mainly because he can say the words. 

Being woken up in the morning by Alfie pulling my eyes open. It’s annoying, but also pretty adorable to open your eyes and see his big brown eyes and messy bed hair approximately half a cm from my face. 

Glorious magnolia trees. 

A free afternoon tea. 

After discovering the existence of chocolate digestives, Alfie can now say ‘tuit’ very determinedly. Still can’t say ‘mum’, but sure, whatever. 

Easter chocolate; just the best. 

Doing an easter hunt with Alfie and him really getting into it. 

The loveliness of easter weekend (see above). 

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