Christmas Baking

19 Dec 2017

Christmas baking_mince pies

Oh hey there. Cooey, just me, dropping in. I’ve not been around this internet corner much in December. Mainly cos, ya know, Christmas. This time of year always means catching up with friends and family, drinking wine, watching festive films, playing Last Christmas an excessive amount of times; all of which lead to time away from my keyboard.

Anyway, the one weekend G and I were at home this month, we played in the snow, wrapped presents and baked. That Christmas feeling always inspires me to browse recipes and fill the flat with divine smells of chocolate and baked pastries; it’s all very hygge.

Here are our baking adventures:

Chocolate Orange Brownies 

Now I don’t want to blow my own trumpet (although I did finally nail a cheese sauce recently so maybe I should…) but these brownies may be the best thing I have ever baked. My friend sent me the recipe and they are absolutely flippin’ dreamy. Beautifully moist, zesty and full of huge chunks of Terry’s chocolate orange; they are the perfect Christmas treat.

Recipe here.

Mince Pies 

Unpopular opinion: I’ve never been that fussed about mince pies. Until the moment I tried the ones G makes. They’re light and fruity with pastry that melts in the mouth and they finally cracked my aversion to the festive snack.

G uses this Paul Hollywood recipe.

Sausage rolls 

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition that G makes sausage rolls a couple of times in December, along with his mince pies. I’ve come to look forward to him filling the kitchen with the smell of baking, and to eating sausage rolls for lunch for most of December. G informs me that he simply buys a pack of sausages, takes the sausage meat out of the skin and rolls into some puff pastry. You can season/flavour to taste – sage is always a solid choice – and bake for 25 minutes or so.

Super easy, super cheesy cheese straws 

I made two batches of these over the weekend because I wanted to perfect my kind of cheese straw. I like cheese straws but I don’t love them, because they are never cheesy enough. My first batch, made with parmesan, had the same problem. But my second batch, made with strong cheddar, hit the spot. Essentially, lay out a roll of ready-rolled puff pastry, grate a load of cheese on top and fold in half. Cut into one cm strips, gently twist 3-4 times, lay on a baking tray and scatter plenty more cheese on top. Bake for 12 minutes or until golden for gorgeous puffed up cheesy goodness.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas baking_chocolate orange brownies

Christmas baking_mince pies

Christmas baking_sausage rolls

Christmas baking_cheese straws