31 Jan 2017

Meat free January

I finally got my butt into gear last night and went and tried out a yoga class near my flat which was all sorts of dandy. BUT, I dunno what I did cos every time I laugh or cough my stomach is like ‘nah uh pal’. Omg so much ache.

Lol, my life is so exciting.

I think I might have mentioned somewhere around here that I was giving up meat in January, and now the end of the month is here already (what the heck?!), it’s time to reflect on how it went no?

30 Jan 2017

January reads: Room by Emma Donoghue

Room by Emma Donoghue

I’m currently uploading a video to YouTube and my internet is like lol, sure pal, keep dreamin’. It’s been TWO HOURS and I’m still nowhere near being finished, and it’s using up all the bandwidth so G is giving me evils as he switches his phone from wifi to data. It’s also weirdly dark outside and there’s fog pressing against the windows so I’m guessing this means that dementors are roaming the streets which, given the current state of the world and you-know-who, wouldn’t be surprising.

 In the meantime, I thought we’d talk about books. I’m a big believer in spreading the love for books and reading, and throwing recommendations out there. And it’s something I want to get into the habit of doing more regularly on the blog – it’s kinda been infrequent up until now.  So this is, hopefully, the start of a monthly blog post which will give you book(s) recommendations.

29 Jan 2017

Devon & Lyme Regis: The weekend we stayed in a castle (with a video)

Devon & Lyme Regis: The weekend we stayed in a castle

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed (cos I kept posting pictures of blue skies and beaches), that we took a trip down Devon/Dorset way the other weekend.

It was a surprise trip for my step-dad’s 50th birthday and somewhat of a military operation to get nine people and a dog down there without him being aware of it. My mum had to tell him they were going on a surprise weekend away, just the two of them, and then get imaginative as to why they were staying somewhere that could sleep ten people. 

25 Jan 2017

Let's Talk About The Current Political Vibes

I’m currently listening to Ed Sheeran’s new songs on repeat and burning a ‘fresh linen’ candle. The study door won’t close properly all of a sudden so I’ve stuck a foot stool in front of it to keep it closed.

Essentially, I’ve barricaded myself into the smallest room in our flat and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon. I’m wondering if this is the start of my descent into despair... but, hey, Ed’s new songs are awesome so I’m pretty cool with the current situ.

I think I’m addicted to the news atm. You may have noticed that there’s a lot of shit going down in the world right now (and if you haven’t, where the actual eff have you been hiding?) and I seem to be glued to twitter the news all the time to see the next instalment.

And by instalment, I mean the next giant turd that is being hurled out into the world.


And for that reason, I’m doing it. I’m bringing up politics on the blog.

Soz. Not soz.

20 Jan 2017

I definitely haven't got this

I definitely haven't got this

I’ve been having a ‘quarter-life crisis’ kinda morning. All the worries, ya know? I also spilt water INTO my slipper whilst doing the washing up and had period pains so bad that I felt sick; I had to sip water and take deep breaths for a while.

So that’s nice.

It’s Friday afternoon so I’ve plonked myself in Costa, eaten a tuna melt panini, read a chapter of my book and opened my laptop. I’m hoping all of this is gonna help me feel a bit better about life.

12 Jan 2017

16 Signs You're Nailing This Adulting Thing

16 Signs You're Nailing This Adulting Thing

Let's face it, sometimes we all need reminding that we're not totally failing at life. Sometimes it feels like all ya want to do is go back to being the age of 12 when your biggest problem was which pjs to take to the next girlie sleepover. Just think, you'd never even heard of an ISA account back then. Simpler times eh?

There will always be days when all you feel good for is a netflix binge and family size bag of m&ms but mostly babes, you is doing okay. You're being pretty successful at this adulting business and here's why:

1) You dress appropriately for the weather; you take an umbrella when it rains and a coat when it's cold etc. No more wearing a summer dress for a night out in November = no more hypothermia. You totes got this! 

2) You eat avocado and kale and broccoli voluntarily. You are a health goddess darling. 

3) You have a spare phone charger because you’re PREPARED. That's right. 

4) You now get drunk on decent wine, as opposed to tesco value vodka. Get you. 

5) You no longer upload 250 photos to Facebook every time you have a night out... Which used to be three times a week. Ain't nobody got time for that.

6) You bitch about your friend’s political views, rather than their questionable choice of partner or hair colour. You so mature now. 

7) You’ve got spare stamps in the drawer. And they are first class. Who even are you?! 

8) Your work contract is permanent. High five babes. 

9) You no longer have to throw away pants cos you totally misjudged your period. Look at you nailing life girl. 

10) You can go to the cinema or to a restaurant on your own without worrying about being judged. You is a strong, independent woman, or man for that matter. 

11) You probably prefer Costa to a bar and you ain’t even ashamed. Hot choc for life.

12) You can’t even remember the last time your card got declined. And you’re making rent. Woah, who is this sass queen?!

13) You have a Holland and Barrett loyalty card and you ain’t even sorry.  

14) You can spend about four hours drooling over kitchen wear in the fancy cook shop and about ten seconds in River Island. Cos what the eff am I supposed to do with metallic gold leggings? 

15) You’ve eaten in fancier places than Pizza Express and they didn’t chuck you out. You must actually look like a real life adult. Nailing this shit. 

16) You’ve already achieved some of your dreams. Sure, that dream may be the fact that you have a holiday to New York booked but, hey, your bank account is still functioning. Look at you going somewhere in life. 

You have SO GOT THIS. 

7 Jan 2017

Here's why Budapest is marvellous

Why Budapest is marvellous

I should warn you now that this is a longer-than-usual post. The kind you should probably read with a cup of tea and a scented candle burning, rather than on your phone in a cheeky five minute break from doing your emails. This was originally going to be two posts; a ‘reasons why you should go to Budapest’ type thing and a more diary like one about our weekend.

And then it all kind of came out in one go, and I didn’t want to try and edit or split it up so this is what you’ve got. A beautiful mess if you like. And I hope it maybe convinces you to book a lil weekend away to this gorgeous city whilst those January sales are doing their thing.  Enjoy.

4 Jan 2017

2017 goals

2017 goals

First week of Jan is never the one. Mainly cos CRY Christmas is over for another year and CRY I have to go back to work and CRY I finished my chocolate orange.

And CRY the ‘new year, new you’ and ‘get your bikini body ready for summer’ hell hole that we now have to push our way through on our way to work.

Like the commuters, raised rail fares and darkness wasn’t enough to be getting on with.

So yes, FYI, I am not about to talk about how I’m going to improve myself. I LIKE ME ALREADY THANKS.

But I do love a chance to reflect and think about what I would like to do in the next twelve months. I love analysing things and planning and making lists but if I don’t actually achieve any of the below, THAT’S OKAY.  I’m not big on making myself feel like a failure because I didn’t make a scrapbook.

1 Jan 2017

New Year's Eve at Brasserie Blanc

New Year's Eve at Brasserie Blanc

New Year’s Day and no hangover. I’ve had porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and spent the morning sorting out under the bed and all the wonky photo frames on the wall of the spare room.


(Until we get within half an hour of Sherlock later when I shall be running around more excited than a kid on Christmas morning.)

G and I went civilised for new year’s eve this year (last year?), by which I mean we are one step away from just spending new year at home in our pjs but were clinging on to the idea that we are, you know, cool.