Time to slow down and get festive

1 Dec 2017

I’m writing this from under a blanket; my legs and body are under a blanket that is, my laptop and head haven’t quite made it under yet.

Although that would be cool right? Kinda like a den? Maybe I’ll put my head under the blanket now…

I came back from Paris last weekend (more on this later) feeling pretty zonked and then fell head first into the busiest week I’ve had at work in a loooooong time.

I would have 3 big deadlines coincide with the week we move office wouldn’t I?

It’s been late nights every day this week and the state of my inbox is fucking horrendous. I actually shudder every time I think about how many emails were waiting for a response when I stuck my out of office on and logged off earlier.

Tbh I feel so tired, I’m not sure I could have replied.

After finally finishing everything yesterday, G and I headed out for wine and dinner (I can’t tell you how much that wine was appreciated) and then I slept for around 10 hours, and yet still woke up this morning feeling like a zombie version of myself.

I think we can all agree I am not designed to work late hours.

Despite this, I have a slight gleeful feeling building inside me. I was walking back from the station last night (at a reasonable hour for the first time this week) and I finally could stop and appreciate that the Christmas lights had gone up whilst I’d been abroad/dying slowly in the office. And, honestly, they’re amazing. Top work St Albans, you have absolutely nailed it. I walked towards our flat and then took a little detour into the Christmas market next door, which opened last weekend.

It was pretty quiet; just a few people milling around. There was gentle Christmas music playing, multi-coloured lights swinging above my head and the smell of chestnuts in the air. And then it started to snow.

It probably had a lot to do with the lack of sleep but I actually felt a teensy bit emotional. Because it’s now December, deadlines are over until January and I bloody love Christmas (lol, did I mention?).

It’s time to slow down now. The next few weeks, whilst full of plans, will be slow-paced and cosy. I want to do something festive every single day, starting tonight when G and I decorate the flat and put the tree up. I’m going to play Christmas music very loud, bake a camembert and drink champagne.

The next month is going to be flippin’ marvellous and I’m not sure I’ve ever been this eager to get into the festive spirit (and that really is saying something).