Little Gems: 29

10 Sept 2017

Little Gems: 29

Ah weekends. Not sure I’ve ever been so pleased to hit a Friday as I was this week. It felt like a very intense first week back after a holiday; all about work and not much else. Urgh. G and I went straight to the pub after we both got back from work on Friday evening and, despite claiming we were just going for one, ended up with a hefty hangover on Saturday morning. So Saturday pretty much consisted of eating cheese, hummus and bacon bagels and having two baths in the space of five hours. Cos baths cure all ills.

We just got back from our local pub after a lovely Sunday roast with my parents and my sticky toffee food baby and I plan on spending the rest of the evening curled up in a warm, cosy heap on the sofa. Shrek 2 is on in the background and there’s left over hummus in the fridge should one require a snack.

Given all the utterly rubbish things currently going on around the world, I appreciate all the small things even more right now.

So here are some of the lovely little things from recently:

Sandy toes. G persuaded me to kick off my shoes and socks when we were on Bamburgh beach during our mini holiday last week. The water was freakin’ freezing hence my initial reluctance, but there’s just something about getting your toes stuck in to the sea and sand that is just so good for the soul.

GBBO is back! I know, I know, it’s controversial this year but I’m pleased Channel 4 have barely deviated from the structure so it’s still really enjoyable. I miss Mary, Mel and Sue but I do think Noel Fielding is going to be crackin’ once he truly gets going. Plus it’s a great excuse to have cake every Tuesday night.

TV in general at the moment! I am loving the Cormoran Strike novel adaptations; the BBC have absolutely nailed it. Doctor Foster is back and I’d forgotten how much I loved it. Kill him Gemma, kill him. I also really enjoyed Trust Me, another BBC drama about a nurse who assumes her best friend’s identity as a senior doctor. It was unbelievably tense and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for ages afterwards. OH and I’m 4 episodes into The Handmaid’s Tale after reading the book and so far, I think it’s a bloody marvellous adaptation.

St Albans annual pub crawl. Can you call something a tradition if you’ve only done it twice? Wannabe tradition? Anyhoo, on bank holiday weekend last year, G and I hosted a St Albans pub crawl as a housewarming thing and we decided to go again this year. It gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling to have a bunch of your favourite people come visit for a lot of drinks and chat <3

Denim jacket. The oversized denim jacket from New Look I’m wearing above is my new current love and no other jacket can get a look in right now.

Meeting Eliza. On our way up to Newcastle last week, we stopped off to see my cousin and her baby, born in July, and omg was she just lovely. I’m not broody, swear…

Lush. I am a tad obsessed with Lush products at the mo. Particularly anything that creates a particularly sexy bath. Their comforter bubble bar is just divine.

Jamie’s 5 ingredients cook book. I’m really excited to get stuck into the recipes in this book, which I bought on a bit of a whim when I saw it discounted in Sainsbury’s. The concept is just what I need in my life; the biggest thing that puts me off trying new recipes is the long ingredient list cos girl does not want to spend all her free time wandering around supermarkets when she could be tucked up on the sofa in her dressing gown.

Autumn. There are orange leaves on the ground people. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I love this time of year.

Hope your weekend was full of wine and baths and Sunday roasts.

Little Gems: 29

Little Gems: 29

Little Gems: 29