Hello there, I’m Kate: keen writer, home baker, book hoarder. Living a slowish life in Cambridgeshire. Chasing around after an active toddler. Always wondering about what to have for dinner. Welcome! 

This is my online scrapbook, a space to document memories and celebrate life’s little joys. Here you will find book reviews, food and cookbooks, snippets of honest motherhood, coffee catch-ups, the occasional travel adventure and a little cosy life in east England. 

I’ve been hanging around this spot since 2015, back when I was recently graduated and wondering how to get started with adult life. A lot has happened since then – a cute guy at work, a flat with a spiral staircase, travel – good and bad, a wedding, a honeymoon, a house, a baby – but, as you’ll soon see, this is the place I try to focus on the small, day-to-day joys that make up a life. 

If you need a ten-minute break from the doom scroll or from internet-overwhelm, come also join me over on substack where I write hopeful short stories and cosy food tales. 

Otherwise, make yourself at home. Get your comfies on, crack open the snacks and let’s have a chat.