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Oh hey there you, welcome to my teeny-tiny blog.

I’m Kate; mid-twenties creative soul with this unquenchable need to write. I get a real joy (as well as a lot of frustration) out of creating and telling a story, and the only way I can truly understand the thoughts, emotions and ideas swirling round my brain, is to let them flow out through a pen… or keyboard.

I love being behind a camera, watching crime dramas and sticking my nose in a book. I suffer from wanderlust, have a weakness for cake and can make a room untidy in a matter of seconds. It's a real talent.

So what do ya wanna know?

I’m an ex-creative writing student who graduated back in 2013 with very little idea about what to do next. Over the next 18 months, I managed to experience unemployment, unpaid internships, temp jobs and redundancy. It was a stressful but effective way to learn that life never goes to plan and it’s okay to not know what you’re doing. I set up this blog in mid-2015 when I’d finally started to embrace the weirdness of the early post-uni years and wanted to get back to my creative side. I’ve been documenting my life here ever since.

By day, I work in London/my bed doing a mix of editing, project managing and day dreaming. By night, I’m a cat-sitter, pudding-eater and novel-writer. Along with my fiancĂ©, G, I live in St Albans, a little city in the home counties with cobbled streets and an enormous cathedral. We rent a little flat with a spiral staircase and spend quite a lot of time in our local pub, ngl.

I don’t know what my ‘career path’ is or when's the right time to have a baby, and why school never taught me how a mortgage works or why people insist on putting raisins in cookies. But I’ll probably figure it out as I go along and that’s okay.

I use this little online space to mull over my thoughts, record memories and have a little ramble about things I love; you could say it's a scrapbook of my life. There'll be random stories, the inner workings of my brain and travel adventures, with the occasional book and video thrown in for good measure. Oh and food because obvs.

It’s nice of you to pop by, and I hope you find something you like. Can I get you some cake?

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About Kate

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