About Kate

Hello there, I’m Kate: writer, book lover, baker, blogger, always designated photographer. I could (and often do…) eat pasta every day, am an obsessive documenter, love exploring new cities, spend a lot of time in cafes and have officially run out of space for all of my books. I’m currently on maternity leave which involves a lot of reading whilst feeding, squeezing in writing and baking during nap times and exploring as much of my local area as possible.

This is a space where I celebrate creativity, document memories and give a shout out to all of life’s little joys. Expect books, food, adventures – big & small, and plenty of photos. I’ve been blogging here since my early twenties so you could say I’ve done a lot of growing up in this little internet corner. There’s been travel, work, marriage, jumping on the property ladder and a lot of pub trips, fun & tears in between. 

These days, I live in the east of England with my husband and baby boy. Before this, we rented a flat with a spiral staircase right next to St Albans cathedral. St Albans is a special place to us; it was our first home together and where we got married but, alas, house prices were not the one so we decided to set up camp somewhere new and see where it took us. We chose our town on a bit of whim, bought the first house we saw and spent two years renovating, painting and turning it into our home.  

I recently birthed a baby, turned 30 and became a member of the National Trust all within the space of six weeks so it feels like I’ve jumped headfirst into a new chapter, one I’m excited to keep documenting. If you want to come along for the ride, I’d love to have you. Do bring snacks.