Welcome to my slice of the internet... 

I’m Kate; Project Manager by day, Writer by night, cookie-obsessive, lover of all things creative. Often found with my nose in a book, covering the kitchen in flour or hunting for a photo opportunity. I have a need to document memories and celebrate the small, happy things. Telling stories is my thing and these are the stories from my life. Here you can find celebrations of the little joys, monthly mini book reviews, house renovations, photo diaries, food stories and travel adventures, plus my journal and Sunday Small Talk – a fortnightly (ish) reflection on whatever is in my head at the time.

More about me...

I started this blog in 2015, 18 months out of university, just as I was starting to find my feet again after having zero clue as to what to do with my life post-uni. I had a new job and a new relationship, and I wanted to get back to my creative side so I decided to teach myself to be a better cook whilst blogging about it. This slice of the internet has evolved a lot since then but I’m still here, documenting my life and figuring out my thoughts and ideas in my little online scrapbook. 

Since I set up this little internet corner, I’ve left home, moved in with a boy, sorted myself a steady working life, travelled to several places on my bucket list, got married, bought a house and been to the pub more times that I care to remember. What began as a little creative project has turned into an online record of my growing-up; the majority of my twenties has been documented here, something I did not expect when I first opened blogger in my childhood bedroom back in 2015.  

These days, I live in Cambridgeshire with my husband where we are currently renovating the house we bought in summer 2019. Before this, we rented a flat with a spiral staircase right next to St Albans cathedral. St Albans is a special place to us, it was our first home together and where we got married but, alas, house prices were not the one so we decided to set up camp somewhere new and see where it took us.  
I blog for myself, but if you want to come along for the ride then I’d love to have you. Do bring snacks.   


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