29 Jun 2019

01.06.19 | The Things I Want To Remember

01.06.19 | The Things I Want To Remember

The anticipation being too much and struggling to get back to sleep once awake at 4am.

Baba O’Riley – The Who playing on the radio whilst G was in the shower.

Forgetting to bring butter to the Airbnb so having scrambled eggs on dry toast for breakfast which I struggled to eat because my stomach was trying to birth approx. 456 butterflies. 

Being ready for people to arrive about an hour earlier than planned cos eager

My dad and Elizabeth popping over at the exact moment we realised we were ready too early. 

My mum and Andrew arriving with the flowers and them being so bloody beautiful. 

My Auntie Jane & Grandma popping over and all of us sitting around with a cup of tea, all super chilled. 

Taking my Grandma into the next room just the two of us to show her my wedding dress in person for the first time and her giving me a little squeeze. 

Alice arriving and suddenly making it all feel more real, remembering we weren’t just having a family catch up. 

Saying bye to Gary and jokingly making him promise to show up. 

Having my hair and make-up done and realising that I was actually feeling super relaxed and happy. 

Sitting in the bedroom with my mum, cousin Clare and Alice and nattering whilst I had my hair done. 

All the bridesmaids beginning to arrive and the apartment being filled with plenty of women laughing and chatting. 

Listening to my mum and Becca having an hilarious amount of fun using a hand held steamer on the dresses. 

Wandering around in my pjs with hair and make-up done and Lizzie feeding me marshmallows. Cos why not?

The girls and I getting way too excited over the ‘cheeses of the world’ print Lizzie’s parents gave us, which I opened that morning. 

Laughing at my mum practising walking in her heels in the bedroom and tripping on the first step. 

My mum and sister helping me into my dress; my mum flapping over doing up the obscene amount of buttons (requiring a crochet hook) and my sister being like ‘chill!’ 

The photographer musing how me getting into the dress would have been a great photo if I wasn’t so naked. 

Heading into the main room so everyone could see me in the dress for the first time and all my bridesmaids being lined up in their dresses waiting for me, and squealing when I came in. 

Everyone constantly telling me how hot it was outside. 

The sheer faff of trying to get in and out the car in such a big dress. 

Appreciating the air conditioning in the car after only being outside for approx. 10 seconds. Turns out we got married on the hottest day of the year. 

Waiting to walk down the aisle and my mum already crying.

Walking into the room, something I was always not looking forward to, and finding myself simply excited to see everyone. 

Suddenly experiencing tunnel vision at the exact moment Gary turned around at the top of the aisle, the last person to do so, and the image feeling like a scene out of a film.

Gary excitedly reaching out to hold my hand as I reached the top of the aisle. 

Leaning my head against Gary’s shoulder whilst my friend Jordan did a reading – he absolutely nailed it. 

Getting. Bloody. Married. 

Kissing Gary for the first time as a married couple. 

The cheers, clapping and whistles of our family and friends when we were pronounced ‘wife and husband’, which felt like it went on for so long (in a good way). 

The flash of the pen as we signed the register – official just like that. 

Seeing my friend Dan for the first time as he came over to sign the register as one of our witnesses, and muttering to each other about how much we were sweating. 

The registrar telling us that traditionally, I was to walk on Gary’s left, so he could keep his ‘sword hand’ free. 

Handing my dad the marriage certificate because he was right in front of us and then promptly forgetting all about it. Good job he kept a close eye on it. 

The looks on my mum & Andrew’s faces when they clocked that we were walking back down the aisle to Ride A White Swan by T-rex, the same as they did. 

The first sip of cold champagne at the end of the aisle. 

My dad and Jordan being the first ones to reach us and say congrats. 

The accidental queue that seemed to suddenly form of people wanting to hug us and say congratulations. 

Wandering around in a happy daze saying hello to so many of my favourite people. 

My cousin Alice, Neve & little Eliza coming over to give me horseshoes and Eliza wanting to hang on to it herself and trying to give me the order of events card instead. 

Doing the formal photos and my bridesmaids jumping between wafting their dresses to create a breeze and smiling perfectly for the camera. 

Doing a deliberate back-of-dresses photo with the bridesmaids and all of us laughing because ‘er, when do we know it’s okay to turn around again….’ ‘Is anyone else still smiling even though our faces aren’t in this?’

Momentarily getting out onto the balcony and a) having some fresh air and b) looking across the St Albans market.  

Walking out of the building and finding Dan, Will, Joe & Guus waiting for us at the door, already clapping – which then got everyone sat in the cafĂ© outside clapping also. 

Walking through the market and the market vendors, and other random people, clapping, shouting out ‘congratulations’ and, amusingly, one shouting ‘it’s not too late love’. 

A market vendor offering us a free doughnut but declining cos it felt too early in the day to risk a raspberry doughnut with the white dress. 

The constant chatter of bridesmaids voices as they held my train as we walked, usually telling me I was walking too fast for their heels. 

01.06.19 | The Things I Want To Remember

Gary holding low tree branches out of our way… only to shower the bridesmaids in leaves. 

Walking through the cathedral grounds with the sun shining and a procession of all our friends and family behind us. I imagine we were quite the sight. 

Ele shouting ‘funnel girls funnel’ when I went through a narrow gate and they were still holding my dress. 

Being showered with confetti in the park. The bridesmaids getting really into the confetti throwing. 

Turning around and seeing Sam (HEY SAM) smugly holding a Mr whippy ice cream. Well jel. 

Getting to the pub, being handed a glass of prosecco and emerging into the pub garden to see an almighty amount of humous and flatbreads. 

Sitting down, sunglasses on, drink in hand, chatting to my girls and thinking this was all pretty swell. 

Everyone slowing coming into the garden and settling down; it was perfect beer garden weather. I can’t believe how lucky we got. 

Little Louisa taking the job of looking after my bouquet very seriously. I had to give her specific permission to leave it on the bench before she was willing to run off and play. 

Being constantly surprised at seeing so many people I loved, from all parts of my life, in the same place, talking to each other. 

Saying ‘hello’ into the microphone and everyone immediately cheering. 

My dad jokingly shouting out that it’s the first time he’d seen me talk for only a minute before letting someone else in. 

Surprising myself by crying at my mum’s speech… and then all the speeches that followed. My mum’s, Dom’s and Gary’s were all absolutely spot on and I have re-watched them several times already. 

Catching sight of Lizzie doubling over with laughter at my mum’s speech. 

Nina surprising us with a cookbook she’d put together – she’d contacted all our friends and family and asked them to contribute a recipe and it is the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. 

Gary referring to me as his ‘gorgeous wife’ for the first time.

Heading inside after the speeches and catching sight of the epic cheeseboard. 

The food coming out and looking incredible, and everyone absolutely loving it. 

Struggling to eat because of all the hype, but still managing to wolf down some halloumi and steak because, yes so much excitement, but also – still Kate. 

Mingling about in the sunshine; this bit is the biggest blur as we were jumping between so many people but I remember being sat in the corner with some of my uni friends, chatting to the RCP gang by the BBQ, admiring Stuart’s flowery shirt, talking to Gary’s work colleagues and inviting them to the new house, and chatting to some of Gary’s school friends and mid-sentence Ness shouting out ‘does your dress have pocket?!’. You bet it does. 

Heading off into the park with our photographer to get some couple photos and mostly laughing every time we put our heads together for ‘nose kisses’ because the vibes were less ‘romantic’ and more ‘cross-eyed serial killer’. 

Cutting the cake (which was surprisingly hard work through that enormous bottom layer) and laughing as we fed a piece to each other. Gary cutting each layer up surprisingly efficiently and then people losing their shit over it. I tasted the chocolate orange layer and the entire thing was gone when I came back for more about an hour later. Hats off & a massive thank you to Claire & Becca for making it for us; it went down a treat.  

The first dance! Which we spent a long time saying we weren’t going to do and then trying not to think about but hey, ya know what, it was upbeat and silly and basically exactly how we dance around the kitchen when we’re alone. 

Some of my bridesmaids jumping on the dance floor with their other halves at the exact right moment because I’d previously told them to not leave us on our own too long – feeling like, no matter what, I always got my girls backing me up. 

Katie (band singer): we’ll be back for the party set soon
Becca (loudly): you mean this isn’t the party set?! 
Katie: girl, you ain’t seen nothing yet 

Lizzie drunkenly saying to me ‘Dom’s speech was about friendship and you’re my friend…’ and me cracking up. 

Sitting in the dark beer garden, with multi-coloured lights strew across our heads, my dress pulled up over my knees to try and get some air and the kids (all girls) playing a hand clapping game. 

Weeing for the first time since the wedding started around half 9 at night (I have no idea how) and Claire and Lizzie having to both hold up the dress whilst I sat on the loo. They had to get through all the layers until Claire shouted ‘I can see the light!’. There was no way we could close the cubicle door so Claire just loudly shouted that ‘the bride’s just having her first piss of the day’ whenever someone came in. 

Claire going under the dress to loosen my corset and we made so many weird noises that Lizzie (who was having a wee) shouted out ‘what on earth are you two doing out there?’ Claire told people afterwards that she’d been places that ‘no one but Gary should go’ and I could not stop laughing. 

Picking up little Eliza on the dancefloor and her looking mostly bemused as to why we were swinging around. 

The band starting to sing ‘Ghost’ by Ella Henderson and us all getting way too into the singing that the lead singer had to stop and be like ‘guys, you’re about a verse ahead’. 

The sheer number of epic dance moves being pulled out by some of our friends. 

Jordan and Sam both suddenly having their ties wrapped around their heads. 

The heat starting to become a bit much and everyone picking up the end of my dress and using it to fan me. 

My sister asking me if I had, in fact, left the dance floor at all in the last three hours.  

My dad suddenly getting up to dance at the exact moment the Grease medley came on. I have video proof and I ain’t ever gonna let him forget it. 

Leaning on a table outside the pub chatting to Dan, Guus & Will as they waited for their taxi. I loved that Gary and I were there right until the end when everything had gone quiet. 

Walking up the hill with Ele and Ian with enormous hunks of cheese under our arms because Ele demanded it all be wrapped up and taken away because mustn’t waste cheese

The image of the bridesmaids walking ahead of us through the cathedral grounds; no shoes, their dresses hitched up and the lights illumining their dresses to make them look kinda ghostly as they walked through the graveyard! 

Dropping all the bits and bobs back at the flat and then realising we had to get back down our spiral staircase. There are some cracking pictures of Gary nearly falling over trying to hold up the train of my dress. 

Walking through town at the exact same time as the clubs kicked out and getting a lot of extremely intoxicated ‘congratulations’ shouts, plus two different cars winding down their windows as they drove past to cheer us. 

Alice undoing all the buttons on my dress surprisingly quickly which was much appreciated as by that point I was about 50% pure sweat. 

Collapsing on the bed together and musing as to whether we’d ever be able to feel our feet again. 

23 Jun 2019

Hello From The Other Side

Hello From The Other Side

Apologies in advance for now having Adele in your head, my bad (although I’m not that sorry cos tbf, it’s a banging tune).

Hello there! Lordy, there’s a lot to discuss. We got married! We spent three weeks in America! We’re moving house! But this is just a hello for now, just as I dip my toe back into real life. Because that is all I am really capable of right now. We lost a night’s sleep on the way home thanks to an incredibly uncomfortable flight and jet lag has hit me like a tonne of bricks. I am doing a very good impression of someone who simultaneously has had several bottles of wine and has a severe hangover so it’s a miracle that I’ve managed to unpack my suitcase let alone anything else. There are four loads of washing to go on, I am back in the office tomorrow and G’s talking about going to the gym this week. Pray for Kate.

So hi, hello, how are ya? There are going to be posts on weddings and California and our imminent move in the foreseeable but for now, I’m off to The Pudding Stop whilst G gives me a judging look like how can you possibly eat more pudding after the last three weeks? It’s like he’s forgotten who he married...