The Christmas and New Year Limbo

29 Dec 2017

The Christmas and New Year Limbo


First thing to tell you; I just had a bath with a Lush intergalactic bath bomb and am now COVERED in glitter. I got 8 bath bombs and a £40 Lush voucher for Christmas so am wondering if maybe people know I like bath bombs? I dunno.

So here we are. Christmas has passed (trying to be brave about it) and we’re now in that time period before New Year's Eve where I literally have no idea what day it is or what the heck my sleeping pattern is doing. I appear to be constantly wearing my pjs (new Fat Face ones – cheers mum), am working my way through The Hunger Games film series and am surrounded by an unprecedented amount of mince pies and chocolate.

This is the time of year where I like to play the I’m-going-to-be-productive-lol-just-kidding-going-to-spend-4-days-on-the-sofa game. It usually ends with me going back to work in Jan feeling like a snug little bug and then realising I am not remotely on top of my life and freaking the heck out. It’s a jolly hoot.

Apparently, this is also the most common time of year for booking holidays and I can confirm I’m very much joining the hype; there’s a rather large pile of travel guides next to me and I’ve got an unhealthy amount of internet tabs open researching places at opposite ends of the globe. Girl likes to dream.

G has a cold, I have period cramps; so let’s hope we’ve restored ourselves to full health in time for 2018 showing up eh?

Hope you’ve all had a marvellous Christmas. I got a dyson cordless hoover as a present so it probs wasn’t as good as mine but what’cha gonna do?

Might try and do something productive tomorrow. In the meantime, where’s the mince pies at huh?