30 Jun 2017

Little Gems: 27

I just realised that the last time I did a proper Little Gems post was March. MARCH. Last month, I didn’t feel quite right writing a normal one and April was far too preoccupied with being in the Big Apple.

So HI.

After the wonderful chaos that was going to New York and then flying out to Corfu just a few short weeks later, June has been a quiet month. But still full of the little and lovely.

29 Jun 2017

A week in Corfu

A diary-like description of a holiday in Corfu, Greece

I love Greece. I have done ever since I first went, aged 9. We started in Athens and then went to the island Skiathos. My sister, aged 5, famously declared she didn’t understand how the Acropolis could be really old when it ‘wasn’t finished yet’. We missed our ferry and got stranded. I ate baklava on a coach trip and thought it was the best thing I had ever tasted.

You get the gist; Kate’s a fan of Greece.

So I was pretty darn excited when, a few weeks back, I finished work for the day and headed out into the torrential rain wearing a sun hat for a mosey on down to the Hilton hotel at Gatwick airport where we had a wild Thursday night. Lol, jokes, we went to Giraffe and watched the ITV leader’s debate.

25 Jun 2017

A Weekend Full of Street Food

“Street food is the future” the girls and I declared last night whilst sat in a warehouse drinking champagne and dipping bread into a baked camembert.

We were at Mercato Metropolitano, a food court near Elephant & Castle, London. It was SO good guys, so good.

We started with a trip to the Miami Beach Backyard Cinema, tucked within the food court. We kicked off our shoes, squidged our toes in the oh so soft sand and sank into a beanbag to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with a pina colada in hand.

23 Jun 2017

My relationship with exercise

Thoughts on and experience with exercise. NHS couch to 5k programme.

If you know me IRL, read this blog or have glanced at any of my social media for more than five seconds, you’ll probably be aware that I’m not the world’s biggest fan of exercise.

It sounds kinda dramatic, but I do genuinely think a lot of it stems from my year 5 PE teacher. I have no memory of hating exercise during the first few years of school. My step-dad still likes to tell the story of how I came home from my year 4 sports day and proudly declared that I’d come ‘fourth in skipping and last in running’. Lol at me. So, yeah, I was shit but still pretty enthusiastic.

21 Jun 2017

A Grumpy Gal's Guide To Surviving A Heatwave

Surviving a heatwave in the UK

It's currently 34 degrees celsius and yup, I’m that person. IT’S TOO EFFING HOT.

I literally cannot focus, get comfortable or sleep in this weather and the more it goes on, the more of a grumpy cow I become. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike summer, I would just rather the temperature didn’t nudge over 25c whilst I’m in a country where the houses are designed to RETAIN heat, have to go to work, and there’s no pool to jump into every five mins.

With the temperature still creeping up, the lack of sea breeze (note to self: move to the seaside) and Argos having sold out of fans, it's extremely tempting to just go set up camp in the freezer...

18 Jun 2017

My New Favourite Flowers

Photographs of Peonies

Peonies are probs the most instagrammed flowers right? So I think it's fair to say that I'm late to the party cos this is the first bunch of peonies I've ever bought.


11 Jun 2017

8 things I've stopped apologising for

A perk of this adulting malarkey is that you slowly stop giving a damn about what other people think. There are certain aspects of your life/personality that you no longer feel the need to justify to other people, because they don’t fit into someone else’s perceptions of what you ‘should’ be like. It’s really rather empowering don’t ya think?

So here’s a few things I no longer feel the need to apologise for.