31 Mar 2017

March Reads: The Widow by Fiona Barton

March has been all about the crime-related thrillers. I am so in the mood for that kinda book at the moment. The kinda book where it’s all about the story; where you accidentally read 100 pages in one go when you should have gone to bed an hour ago because goddamn it, who killed her?! I essentially want Broadchurch in a book.

The Widow is the story of the wife. The wife of the man whose face is splashed across the papers under the words ‘MONSTER’ and ‘CHILD KILLER’. How much does she know? Did she know? How could she have not known? Did she really not know anything or is she just lying to herself?

26 Mar 2017

A Weekend In Edinburgh

I’m typing this at Edinburgh airport with one eye on the queue to my departure gate. I cba to stand in the queue so I’m sitting in the uncomfortable airport chairs with plans to join at the last minute. I’m really not fussed at being the last person on the plane. My flight it delayed and the EasyJet staff are delaying it further but insisting people combine their luggage. I know there’s a one-item-of-hand-luggage only guys but does it really matter if her tiny cross-body bag isn’t in her main bag. BOTH BAGS ARE GOING ON THE PLANE EITHER WAY.

This shouldn’t annoy me as much as it does but I can’t control it. This is why I’m not a fan of flying and I feel it’s probably best if G just sedates me for our entire flight to New York *insert eye roll emoji*.

I may be a tad tired and irritable.

Anyway, my weekend in Edinburgh.

21 Mar 2017

25 pieces of advice I'd give my teenage self

Hey, 14/15/16 year old Kate. Here's some life advice for ya girl. 

16 Mar 2017

Little Gems: 25

I’m scribbling this down in the brief interlude between a late dinner and going to bed. I feel like it’s been an age since I’ve done this, and I don’t like it. Being kept away from my internet corner; from all the unwritten words floating around my brain. Life has been busy recently. I have a big work deadline at the end of March and there is NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY. It’s giving me headaches from not taking a break all day and grumpy mood swings cos, lol can’t hack tiredness. But life is still full of the good stuff:

6 Mar 2017

The Tasting Menu at Read’s Restaurant, Kent

I’ve chopped half my hair off and I don’t know how I feel about it. I did it on a bit of a whim and part of me is like WOO change and oh look how much lighter and healthier my hair feels. And the other part of me is looking at pictures of me with long hair and being like what the eff have I done?

So that’s nice.

Other highlights of the past couple of weeks include a trip to Sheffield, several trips to the cinema (La La Land made me dance, Denial made me angry and Manchester by the Sea made me cry), getting caught up in the Doris storm travel chaos which was obviously so much bants and, guys, I finally own an Olympus Pen E-PL7 camera and I’m SO HAPPY about it.

But I came here to talk about the food highlight that was eating at Read’s Restaurant in Faversham, Kent where G and I went to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday.

The restaurant and rooms are located in a quaint country house with the restaurant split across several rooms, creating an intimate atmosphere. When you arrive, you’re shown into a lounge room where you can sit by the fire, sipping on prosecco. Whilst we browsed the menu, we were brought fancy nibbles; olives, anchovy cheese straws and mini-cheese-and-chive-on-toast canapés.

As it was a special occasion, we decided to go for the tasting menu which was £65 per person and included an appetiser, two starters, two main courses, a cheese board, and a pudding.

I cannot even begin to describe how incredible all the food was. If I had to pick, I would say the carrot mousse, king prawns combined with watermelon and hot black cherry soufflé stand out the most in my memory as being the most unique and delicious tastes. The carrot mousse tasted delicious when you least expected it (because who thinks carrot in a mousse is going to work? BUT IT DOES), prawns and watermelon are a surprisingly good combination and that soufflé was just so light.

And OH MAN that enormous cheeseboard. It needed two guys to carry it to the table and I nearly cried with cheese-induced happiness.

I also really loved how, despite the sheer volume of courses, you could still finish everything off. Yes you were full and yes the portions were smaller, but you didn’t feel like you’d over eaten. The food was such high quality and you were never rushed. We spent three hours eating, with large gaps between courses where you could relax and sip on wine uninterrupted.

Half the experience is the delightful service. The staff were very friendly and keen to go out of their way to make sure you had the best experience. It’s those little things that make it special; your wine never nearing the bottom of the glass, the fresh olive bread brought to the table between courses and giving us a slice of lemon tart to take home simply because we mentioned we would like to try it. I also had a plate of sweet treats decorated with a candle and Happy Birthday written in chocolate brought out for me at the end of the meal which was so lovely.

Spending that amount of money on one meal is clearly not something we can do every day but, as a food lover, going to a first class restaurant like Read’s is the best kind of treat and the incredible food and unique dining experience is well worth the money.

What we ate: 

Nibbles and Prosecco 

Carrot Mousse Appetiser with Garlic Breadcrumbs 

Crisp Crumb King Prawns with Smoked Paprika & Lime Aioli with Compressed Water Melon 

Pressing of Confit Chicken with Prune Chutney and Autumn Leaves 

Sea-Trout fillet with Pipperade, Mashed Potato and Tomato Beurre Blanc

Medium-rare Angus Fillet with Parmesan Polenta, Green Peppercorn Sauce and Scorched Shallots 

Cheese selection, served with bread, biscuits and grapes 

Hot Black Cherry Soufflé with Vanilla Ice Cream 

Birthday plate: lemon and chocolate macaroons, soft fudge, brandy snaps and jellied sweets