31 May 2017

May reads: 'Black-Eyed Susans' and other thrillers

Black-Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin

I hold my hands up. April reads did not happen. I was busy frolicking amongst the empire state building and a stack of humongous pancakes. Hashtag no regrets.

I mentioned back in March that I am loving thrillers/police crime atm and these are some particularly sexy ones for you to sink your teeth into.

27 May 2017

Little Gems: in the wake of tragedy

I’m currently writing this with a view of a swimming pool, ocean and Albania. In that order. Oh and I have one hand curled around a glass of wine so I can’t promise that this isn’t going to be a rambling mess.

I brought my laptop with me to Corfu with the idea that I would have loads of writing time. When actually, apart from the odd bits here and there, I’ve mostly just read several books and lazed around whilst eating copious amounts of Greek salad and baklava. And that, quite frankly, is more than fine.

18 May 2017

Video: Postcards from New York

Video: Postcards from New York

Hey kiddos.

It's video time again. A montage of all the lil snapshots of film I took whilst I spent a week eating wandering my way around the Big A.

Warning: involves footage that will probs make you book a flight to NYC immediately and therefore empty your bank account. Soz and that.

14 May 2017

The Best Touristy Things To Do In New York

The best things to do in New York

This is kinda a hard one to write. Because, in my eyes, New York City can do no wrong. In my eyes, everything you do in New York will always be ‘the best’. And that’s probably why the post-holiday blues are so bad when you go to New York that you then spend the next few years desperately saving so you can go back there. It’s a vicious cycle.

Anyway, after much deliberation, these are my recommendations.

12 May 2017

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

I’m currently on a train and there’s an old guy next to me wearing a New York sweatshirt and I’m trying to resist the urge to be like WHEN DID YOU GO? WAS IT MAGICAL?

Although that’s kind of a stupid question. New York just creates its own kind of glittering magic. Like Dumbledore or raspberry magnums.

And you know what makes it particularly glittery? The Brooklyn Bridge.

8 May 2017

The Next Five Years

On the Saturday of the last bank holiday weekend, G and I thought we’d go enjoy the last of the sun with ‘just the one’ drink in the pub garden on the other side of the park before coming home for dinner.

The Ye Olde Fighting Cocks is fast becoming one of my favourite pubs, and favourite place in St Albans in general. The inside has that cosy, low-beams, soft lights thing going on. And the garden is big and leafy, with a view of the glittering lake in the park and lovely multi-coloured fairy lights stretched low above your head.

We settled in the last of the sun to enjoy our drinks and got chatting about the future.

1 May 2017

Planning a trip to New York

Ah bank holiday weekend. It’s been sunny and pissed it down. I’ve been shopping, had a hangover, done some cleaning and eaten too much. So pretty standard right?

G and I agreed this weekend, albeit somewhat drunkenly, that we were going to start planning our American road trip and so naturally I’m already cracking on. I do love a good planning session.

Which is how a post about planning a trip to New York has come about. It may or may not be useful but hey ho, I’m off to watch Beauty and the Beast again and eat fancy M&S popcorn.