Little Gems: 22

6 Nov 2016

Little Gems

Hello lovely people, how's your Sunday morning been? I hope it was all cosy with tasty breakfasts, and you’ve warmed up after last night’s fireworks (weren’t they so sparkly and magical?).

This post was originally gonna go out a month ago. But at the time, I felt a bit too weighted down to be talking about the small, happy things. I received a lot of bad news in quite a short space of time and it made writing a post like this seem trivial somehow. Inconsiderate. Worrying for other people is a strange kind of ‘down’ feeling, particularly when your own day to day life is cracking on just fine. It’s almost confusing. Like you’re stood in the middle of a normal day and everything is as it should be but there’s a pressure on your chest and you can’t physically see the situation that’s causing it. It creates anxiety and guilt, and more confusion.

I also felt like every time I read or watched the news, I was seeing more and more bigoted bullshit spreading like wildfire. Worse, it seems to be becoming more and more acceptable. And I, and a lot of people, are pretty darn fed up of it. Hey, you bigoted people? Sod off yeah?

And then my allergies were playing up big time, and I felt like it was preventing me from sleeping and my writing juices from flowing.

I know, I know. I sound like I’d turned into effing moaning myrtle.

I’m back anyway. I’ve snapped outta it and doing my best to try and be positive. I think every single person has a time in life when they can’t help but be so uninspired by the world. Where it all seems too much, too infuriating, too hard.

And that’s okay. As long as you realise that, in the absence of any obvious tragedy, the fact that you can feel that way makes you a little spoilt. Cos you are so flipping lucky in life, and you have to appreciate it.

So here’s what I’ve been appreciating recently:

Little Gems
Little Gems

1) The weather. The cool, crisp air. That bonfire smell. The colour of those leaves. Sure, leaving the office in the dark kinda sucks but autumn is in full swing and I am LOVING it. 

2) Yankee candles. Oh sweet jesus, I’m obsessed. I keep accidentally falling into the Clinton’s in St Albans and suddenly I’ve spent £30 and G’s asking where exactly I’m gonna store all these candles. Lolz. Favourite flavour is definitely the Black Coconut but my new Christmas Cookie one comes in at a close second right now. I doubt my obsession is going to calm down this side of the festivities; my flat is gonna SMELL like Christmas and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

3) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I had to spend six hours getting tickets and wait an entire year but my dad, sister and I finally got to go and experience the joy on Halloween weekend. I’m not gonna lie, as a hardcore fan, there were moments I wasn’t too impressed. I thought there were moments in the plot that weren’t very Harry and some of the interpretations of the characters weren’t right in my opinion. HOWEVER, there were some utterly genius moments. Naturally, I will #keepthesecrets so all I’m saying is SCORPIUS <3. And the play itself is utterly magical. Such a spectacle. I spent all the intervals going BUT HOW ARE THEY DOING IT?! 

4) Um have you tried Costa’s Christmas mint hot chocolate? Good lord, have mercy. *drools everywhere*. 

5) ALL THE FILMS. Bridget Jones totally surprised me. It was different, made me cry with laughter and will definitely be watched again. Also loved The Girl on the Train and am SO READY for A Street Cat Named Bob aaaaand Fantastic Beasts *does excited squeal*. 

6) Working compressed hours. I’ve written more about this here but I now no longer work on Friday afternoons so I have more time to write. This is only my second week and I LOVE IT. So far, I have gone and set myself up in Costa for the afternoon (my bank account is like um, babe, you crazy? Naturally I’m ignoring that whiney bitch) and it’s been pretty marvellous. I’m already feeling so creative again. There’s a couple of blog projects I’ve had in mind for a while that I want to work on and then after that I’m going to start working on my novel and I am SO EXCITED.  

7) Kinda as a result of this, I ended up splashing out on an IdeaPad laptop. It was definitely an indulgence and my savings account had to take a bit of a ‘temporary’ hit but I have absolutely no regrets. I wanted something to write on on-the-go and this little babe is perfect. She’s so light and sleek, has the battery life of dreams and my typing just glides across the page. 

8) Becoming a crazy cleaning women. I got fed up of my dust allergy being another whiney little bitch and took action. We’ve replaced our mattress and all our bedding, and I have become a lot more on it when it comes to dusting. I’ve noted all the recommendations by Allergy UK and taken them on board and it definitely HAS made a difference which is such a relief. My next step is to stick a cleaning check list on the fridge (G will be thrilled… no really, he likes things being tidy) and make sure we stick to it. Sure, we may be crazy dust experts but it’s worth it if I can actually feel healthy in my own home again. 

9) New blog design. You may have noticed that this little corner of the internet has had a make-over. Admittedly, I used quite a simple template but I was pretty pleased that I managed to install it all myself without any major cock-ups. I love the new look, and I hope you do to. 

10) ….can I mention Christmas yet? 

Happy Sunday guys x

Little Gems
Little Gems