A weekend full of autumn colours

5 Nov 2016

Autumn colours

I really want to start writing more posts about our life here in St Albans. Unless we win the lottery in the near future, we won’t be able to stay in St Albans forever so I reaaallly want to get this time of life documented.

So I’m starting with the weekend before last, which I really had no intention of documenting so there is a lack of my usual five million photos.

It was a weekend of domestic bliss. It started with a drive to Ikea. G decided to avoid taking the motorway so we would have a more picturesque drive and boy did I thank him for it as we drove down country lanes surrounded by trees. THOSE AUTUMN COLOURS. The reds and oranges and yellows and purples all have such a place in my heart.

We did slightly regret the route when we ended up stuck in a traffic jam in Dunstable (urgh and urgh) but eventually made it to Ikea in Milton Keynes.

I always find it a bit weird driving to places that I spent a lot of time in as I was growing up. I always feel like St Albans is a million miles away, metaphorically speaking, from Bedfordshire so when we suddenly have a need to go to somewhere like Ikea, I find myself a bit bemused when we end up in Milton Keynes or the like. Wouldn’t it make more sense to go to London?!

Um no babes. That would be insane.

So we had lunch in Ikea (mainly for the daim cake, let’s be honest) and then just about made our way round what felt like some bizarre video game challenge and, as a bonus point, without arguing. Ikea is kinda fun but also makes you wonder whether this is where you’ve come to die. We mostly picked up everything on our list (which included a lamp, saucepan and cheese grater just so you’re aware of the levels of excitement we were on...) and mostly managed not to buy a load of unnecessary extras so full adulting points to us.

And then we went to John Lewis, bought a new mattress (thank fuck) and then I somehow spent £30 on a memory foam pillow.

I don’t know what happened. THIRTY POUND ON A PILLOW.

But, lol, I’m also now sleeping on a cloud of heaven so I have no regrets whatsoever. Apparently I now ‘treat yo’self’... with pillows.

Fam were in town in the evening so we went and checked out Dylan’s where the food was hello if may be a tad pretentious? I did make the slight mistake of having pasta as a starter; I mean, I wouldn’t say I regretted it cos it tasted uh-mazing but I then followed it with a steak and chips (which again, amazing) and this led to feeling like I was probs about to give birth at any second. All the taste sensations though (I’m also going to do more posts on places to eat in St Albans cos oh em gee so good).

My favourite part of Sunday (apart from G’s smoked salmon, lemon and rocket risotto which always makes me drool) was a walk around the main park in St A, which is literally on our doorstep and I can never get over that. After seeing all the trees on our drive to Ikea, I had to get in the park with my camera asap to capture those leaves.

Yup, definitely wasn’t the only one who had that idea. Hashtag spot the person without the camera. I’ll need to pop back asap cos some of those leaves were only teasing me. Oh man, they always leave me wanting more.

I’ve also noticed that G has started pointing out good photo shots for me to capture and I flippin’ love that as well. He’s either just humouring me and my obsession with photography or he’s actually keeping an eye out for me (and it’s a good eye as well). Either way <3

All the love for weekends full of domestic bliss <3

Autumn colours
Autumn colours