7 things to do when you feel 'nope' about life

11 Nov 2016

Things to do when you feel 'nope' about life

Which, if I’m honest, is exactly how I’ve been feeling over the past couple of days. Thanks to a power wire and a signalling wire hooking up for a date and it going really wrong, there was a massive signalling failure on the train line, and the trains have been out of action since Tuesday. Meaning I spent a grand total of one day in the office this week. Whilst this sounds pretty cushy, I have MAJOR cabin fever. Like sweet jesus, WHAT DOES FRESH AIR FEEL LIKE?! 

And then there’s the whole presidential election incident which I think we’re all trying our best not to think about (OBAMA DON’T LEAVE US) and then G has had to go away for the weekend last minute so now I have cabin fever and no one to talk to. 

Who wants to place the first bet on when I’ll totally start talking to the walls? 

I’m guessing it was all of the above that created this feeling of general downness in me and why, yesterday afternoon, I ended up lying on the bed and letting the room get dark around me and basically felt sorry for myself. 

We all have these daft moments right? RIGHT? 

Well here’s my little check list to get yourself out of those moments (if you want to; I ain’t judging if you stay on the bed in the dark). 

1) Do the small things that are bringing your mind down. I’m not suggesting trying to solve American politics, but do that pile of washing up. I know you really effing cba but in reality, it’ll take 15 minutes tops and you’ll feel so much better when you look at that clean, clean kitchen.

2) Go outside. I know this is kind of an alarming prospect when you’re curled up in a I can’t handle this shit ball but you WILL feel better. Fresh air is so underrated. If it’s a really bad day, maybe just stand on the doorstep and breathe it in. But we all know a walk will clear that head and make things improve. Even just a quick one round the block. You can do it babes.

3) Food. You can WALK to the shop (see what I did there?) and go get yourself some treats. Don’t eat shite or an entire toblerone to yourself (my bad) or anything else that will make you feel sick and even more like a worthless slug. Choose carefully. Pick something comforting, something that soothes your soul. Last night, I ate potato smileys for the first time in years and oh man did those babies cheer me up. Like getting a big hug from your childhood.

4) Candles. Fairy lights. Blankets. Maybe a cheeky hot chocolate? Make the flat cosy with a warm glow of happiness. Cannot tell you how jel I am of those of you with open fires; INSTANT WARMING OF THE BODY AND SOUL.

5) Ring someone. Your mum, your best pal. Have a moan about nothing in particular. Natter with no time limit. You’ll feel so much lighter afterwards.

6) Treat yourself to a new Netflix series. One that everyone raves about but you never got round to watching. There’s nothing quite like a brand-new programme to sink your teeth into – I recommend How to get away with murder.

7) Remember that it is A-OKAY to have days where you feel shit for no reason. Don’t be too hard on yourself and just take the small steps to make yourself feel marginally better. Then have an early night and remember everything always feel better in the morning.

You got this babes <3