14 things you never realised adults had to think about

25 Nov 2016

things you never realised adults had to think about

Wasn't life simpler when your biggest worry was which ringtone to pick for your new flip phone?

1) That you feel like a 16 year old playing ‘adult’ and no one has noticed. TELL ME YOU FEEL THE SAME. 

2) Buying bedding. The need to take out a second student loan on a mattress. Wtf is this ‘tog’ thing on duvets? What kind of firmness do I want for my pillows? Jesus christ, this is an effing mind field. 

3) The pronunciation of Quinoa. Nuff said. 

4) Bins. Emptying them. Searching for bin bags. Can this be recycled? WHAT’S THAT SMELL FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL?!

5) Cervical screenings. I’m sorry, you want to do want inside me?

6) Mortgages and pensions. Mostly why I am so effing clueless about them. If someone could explain to me why the education system thought it important to teach me line dancing but not this, it would be much appreciated. 

7) The amount of sugar in things and the fact that you can milk almonds and whether I’m still allowed to eat dairy foods without being judged. Like, lol, what happened to eating cocoa pops in peace? 

8) The different types of vacuum cleaners. The PRICE of them. Google it, there’s a whole new world out there waiting for you. 

9) No but seriously, what are we going to have for dinner? WHY HAVE I FORGOTTEN ALL FOODS?! 

10) When exactly you’re going to have the time to binge watch a new Netflix series. What do you mean I can only watch a couple of episodes at a time?! 

11) The cost of going to the dentist, and treatments for your teeth. Lol, lemme just sell my kidney and get back to you. 

12) Interest on bank accounts. The confusion in trying to pick between a bank account that will give you an additional 4p a year or one that will give you an additional, er, 4p a year.  

13) The political views of your friends. It’s harder to ‘agree to disagree’ these days. You like Donald Trump? Kay bye. 

14) Why society doesn’t allow you to take regular naps because this adulting thing is tiring.