The key essentials for nailing a cheese and wine night

28 Nov 2016

Key essentials for nailing a cheese and wine night

I don't wanna show off or anything pals, but I have a lot of experience of cheese and wine nights. I mean, I'd put that shit on my CV if job descriptions weren't always so insistent I have experience of 'team work'.

Cheese and wine nights are basically the best thing since, well, since always. As we've been propelled into adulthood, I find that me and my friends spend all the time we used to save for drinking blue WKDs in the park for eating cheese, and good lord why did we not do it sooner?

So this is me sharing my expertise and popping down those key essentials all in one place in case you and your friends fancy a lil summin' summin'. By which I mean cheese. All the cheese.

1) A Camembert baker. Because nothing is more dreamy than a melted Camembert to dip bread into. 

2) Bread for said dipping. Gotta be fresh and a lil bit crusty. 

3) A wide range of cheeses. A Cheddar and Red Leicester ain’t gonna cut it. Listen to me, there is no such thing as too much cheese. You want cheese with fruit, smoked cheese, soft cheese, strong-blue cheeses. And a Brie and a Goat’s is always necessary. 

4) A lot of crackers Gromit. 

5) Cheese boards. Yes, plural. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a fancy one; a standard chopping board will do. But spread them cheeses out. No one is going to thank you for all the cheese smushing together. 

6) Chutneys. Chutneys are dreamy. 

7) If you're hosting, either agree on a wine beforehand, or make sure you have all the colours in. 

8) Grapes if you feel fancy and want a good insta shot. 

9) A proper table/sitting area. People do not want to lean half a mile to reach the cheese; they want the good stuff right in front of them. Dining table, cushions around the coffee table, tray on the sofa. Whatever. Just make sure everyone is in easy reach of the cheese. You don’t want an angry mob on your hands. 

10) Good company. Don’t invite round your diary-free friend. She ain’t gonna appreciate this. 

Enjoy fellow cheese lovers <3