Bubble Bridge

24 Jul 2016

Bubble Bridge

Tired of London, tired of life.

I freakin' hate that saying.

If you're tired of London, it's probably cos the tube has been suspended, because you're so damn sick of breathing in pure exhaust fumes, and spending a small fortune on a sandwich and people being so goddamn rude and why the heck are we all running around everywhere?! I have half an hour to do a 15 minute walk; WHY AM I RUNNING AND SWEATY AND OUT OF BREATH.

Maybe you're tired of London because you just need a flippin' break.

I can't escape London. I love it and I hate it. I wish I could leave yet worry what I'd do without it.

I'm pretty sure I'm in an abusive relationship with a city.

This photo was taken when I'd chosen to be in London. When I'd voluntarily left my flat, got on a Thameslink train ON A SUNDAY and headed into the capital.

I walked from Blackfriars to City Hall, to meet some friends from uni that I hadn't seen in an age. I saw people basking in the sun and I smelt authentic street food. I saw niggledy (is that a word?) little street corners that I would usually ignore and made my way through the crowds without an ounce of irritation. I walked along the water and marvelled at the architecturally-unique skyscrapers reflecting in the Thames. And I saw children running around in the sun, chasing bubbles.

I took this photo on a day when I loved London.