Seaweed & Acne

2 Jul 2016


How's your acne? (You can have that chat up line for free babes; works every time.)

Bad skin runs in my family, apart from my sister who has clear skin and a little waist and flat stomach. Like seriously, where did that little Barbie-child come from?

When the joyous teenaged years arrived, and that lil babin’ angry red skin crept across my face, it was bad enough that the doctor popped me on a steady diet of antibiotics. For a bit, they did actually do the trick. It never cleared up completely but enough to hide with make-up which I guess is all a 15 year old really cares about.

But then it came back. Uninvited. Kinda like one of those awkward moments at a party when that idiot shows up.

I mean, it never reverted back to pre-antibiotics but it was enough for me to be like FFS, yet I never went back to the old doc. Probs cos I was at uni and wasn't actually registered with a doctor. Hashtag student life.

These days, I don’t really remember having a face that didn’t have a red, blotchy thing going on. I don’t even blink when my face cracks and bleeds and I’m used to gritting my teeth when someone is complaining about having one little spot on their otherwise-perfectly-clear chin. In some of my low points, my mum, bless her heart, has offered to pay for me to have treatment privately.

Compared to many people, I’m that gal complaining about having the one spot and I totally appreciate that. It could be worse. A lot worse. But it still doesn’t mean that I don’t feel frustrated that I never grew out of it or have a low moment in front of the mirror, or find myself unconsciously running my fingers across my bumpy cheek.

The other day, I was looking into some kind of seaweed face-mask/moisturiser/magical unicorn cream. The internet had told me seaweed was good for acne. Time to go faceplank the beach.

Problem was the magic seaweed lotion was pricey. And there isn't actually a guarantee that it works. Seaweed is just one of the many, many, MANY things that the internet tells us cures acne. Look it up if you’ve got several years of your life to waste.

And that, right there, is the problem. I haven’t got several years of my life to waste by slapping seaweed on my face. There are enough things I wanna be doing without adding some kind of bizarre seaweed dance to the mix. I got places I wanna go, shit I need to do, a life to lead and all that jazz. The only bloody reason I have some kind of pressure to get rid of said acne is because some moron somewhere decided that we should all have flawlessly smooth skin, and then encourages people to photoshop every goddamn photo we ever see within an inch of its life to make us think that it’s actually possible. 


Worrying about how I look bores me. The best looking people in the world are those who are healthy and happy because they are out there living, eating good food, being active, enjoying life. The best looking people are those that are laughing. Not stood in front of a mirror in a dingy bathroom, worrying about their face.

So, rather than go rub my face on some seaweed a dog may or may not have pissed on, I’ve decided to accept that I’ve got a bit of acne and just sit on a beach like a normal person. 

Hey, maybe one day I will grow out of it and perhaps there will be a time when I want to take action but in the meantime... nah.

There will be days where I’ll look at those angry red spots across my cheek/back and be like guys, could you just CHILL THE FUCK OUT and probably want to scratch them all off when they don’t but, for the most part, I’m going to embrace some of that body positivity people keep banging on about and accept that this is my face.

Hiya face; looking good today babes.


  1. I laughed so much reading this, I just love your writing style! I had no idea seaweed was good for skin haha, I can empathise as I have incredibly sensitive skin and even using blemishes causes my face to react with big red blemishes and rashes xD waaah I just wanna jump on the skincare bandwagon like other bloggers! But I'm probably saving a lot of money in face treatments in the long run haha :D loving your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth!

      Teeeell me about it, there's so many different options out there for people with sensitive skin but I feel like I'd have to empty half my bank account for some of the treatments! We may have dodgy skin, but we'll be richer in the long run... hopefully! :) xx