Off to Iceland

25 Jul 2016



Yes, right now. Literally as you read this, I’m sat on a train in my best comfy travelling clothes (basically pjs let’s be honest) on my way to Manchester airport and being that person who hops onto a commuter train on a Monday morning with their suitcase.

Soz little commuter pals; I know it’s a dickish move.

I imagine they’ll be silence over here for the next 10 days or so unless I can hook up to wifi then who knows? Although I am going to attempt to do a little internet detox whilst I’m out there cos lol, defs addicted.

Cept we all know I’ll be updating instagram the moment I find any wifi cos I’m weak okay.

Basically I’ll do an internet detox when finding wifi has proved impossible... Um, that counts right?

Good one Kate.

I don’t know what to tell you.

I’m tired and run down with a definite need-a-break-from-reality feeling going on. Which is probably very good timing. But not seeing G for two weeks feels more challenging than I thought it would right now.

But I am also so excited. It’s kinda hidden under the run-downness and the standard holiday prep; is my bag too heavy, where the fuck did I leave my passport, HOW MANY PAIRS OF KNICKERS SHOULD I TAKE? That kinda shiz. But the excitement is there. I’m sure it’ll burst out once we’ve got through the living hell that is airports and flying. When we land in Reykjavik and there’s a ten day adventure ahead of us.

I don’t know what to expect and that makes it all a bit magical.

There really, truly, is nothing like a new adventure.

See ya in ten days babies.