Flying from Budapest

12 Jul 2016

Flying from Budapest

I am at Budapest airport, it's 33c and I have sweat in places I didn't even know could sweat.

Soz for the over share. 

I've just brought a fresh bottle of water which is already warm and some questionable-looking Hungarian sweets for the plane cos my ears pop faster than a balloon when flying.

I have just said goodbye to two of my oldest friends after a pretty dreamy 3 days together and made my way to the airport by myself (she says like a proud 5 year old).

I've got one of them feelings. Like I'm in a film and life-is-pretty-smashing music is playing in the background (obviously there's less sweat in this movie moment). Life can be pretty special can't it?

Going to Budapest was a somewhat spontaneous decision. I mean, I didn't just decide to go the night before cos lol, as if I'm that spontaneous.

I knew my two galpals had decided to book a relatively last minute Europe trip, travelling to Budapest, Vienna and Rome but I knew I didn't have the cash or annual leave to join at such short notice so I wished them a fab time but sadly declined.

But then, well, there was just a moment. A moment of 'oh fuck it'. A moment of ‘just goddam make it happen’. Work with what you've got.

Life is short. Hashtag clich├ęd instagrammer but, hey, you know it is. When you look back at the 'best moments of your life’, it won't be smugly looking at your full ISA account or working that extra hour in the office. It will be actual, proper moments. Moments full of laughter and glorious, beautiful people. Moments which make smelling armpits on your commute, and dragging yourself through the working day and every other daily frustration worth it.

When I look back at the last few days in Budapest, I won't think of my thinly-stretched bank account or having to argue for the day of leave at short notice. I'll think of spending actual, continuous quality time with some of my oldest friends, which happens so rarely these days. I'll think of drinking strawberry lemonade looking over the Danube. I'll think of our child-like excitement over eating candy floss. I'll think of the incredible water/light show we accidentally stumbled across on Margaret island. I'll think of the three of us lying on my bed swapping photos and laughing.

I'll think of the moments.

I didn't have the cash or the leave to go on a mini travelling trip around Europe, but I had enough for something. Something pretty special. So I made it work.

I think what I’m trying to say here is that there will always be a reason not to do something. There will always be money worries, money that you think you can’t part with. There will always be life admin that needs doing, limited annual leave. But you have to make it work. For those moments.

Work with whatever you have, but for godsake, make it work.

And on that note, I'm going to head to my gate and hope the guy next to me doesn't notice the wet patch I leave on the seat cos ffs still sweating.

Bye babes.