A Year of Blogging

22 Jul 2016

A Year of Blogging

I'm currently typing this on my iPad and bluetooth-connected keyboard. My iPad is lying flat on the sofa, only just in the corner of my eye, and the keyboard is on my lap, physically unconnected. I'm mindlessly writing whilst staring at a darn sexy view of Dartmouth from the top of the valley. I am literally writing with a view. This is when technology is pretty flippin marvellous. It's started to chuck it down outside but that's okay cos I've whacked on G's hoody and a thick pair of socks and the rain falling on the trees outside the bathroom makes it sound like you're in a rain forest when you're in the there with the window open. Pissing in a rainforest. Hashtag life goals.


It's been a whole year (well it will have been by the time you read this) since this little corner of the Internet came into existence.

One whole year.

Kinda making that sound unnecessarily dramatic; a year isn't really that long. But I feel it needs acknowledging; that my blog needs a little wave.

Hiyaaaa babes!

Cos it feels so much longer than a year; how can it have only been one year?! This little babe has somehow managed to get herself so well integrated into my life that I don't believe you when you tell me she's only been around a year. No, you're in denial.

This blog represents a lot for me. This blog represents taking back control of my life after running around flapping and screaming like an actual seagull for over a year and a half after leaving uni. It represents making the decision to focus on the things I love; that I will always be one of those people who works to live. It represents the realisation that it's okay to not have your shit together; that being happy and focusing on the small things is enough.

This blog came about soon after I met G which changed everything. It came about when I realised that writing and exploring and laughing at the confusion and uncertainty were all so much more fulfilling then crying cos I didn't have a career plan or a clue what I was supposed to do.

I'm so glad this blog gave me my writing mojo back, I'm so glad it gives me a space to document and explore this time of life. I'm so glad of its little readership, and how people have taken the time to tell me that my words made them laugh or cry. I'm so glad I plucked up the courage to create this little space.

Happy Birthday A Belly Full of Words; I'm so excited to see what your second year will bring.