Little Gems: 21

29 Aug 2016

Little Gems

Life has been so busy. SO BUSY. Iceland already feels like ten years ago. August has been a month of cat sitting. That’s right; I’ve become a cat sitter. It’s something I decided to do for a bit of extra cash and cos, ya know, cats. It didn’t really occur to me that I’d actually get bookings or that, when I did, it would take up a lot of my free time or I’d be walking 10 miles a day (or so my app tells me…) but adding more exercise and more cats into one’s day is no bad thing, even if I was tired as fuck.

It does mean that I am so behind on studying for my course and I have so many blog posts in mind and sweet jesus, that pile of life admin is looking pretty hefty *runs and hides*.

Anyhoo, the little gems of recent weeks.

Little Gems
Little Gems
Little Gems
Little Gems
Little Gems
Little Gems

1) Travels. Budapest, Iceland… oh maaan, it was all so dreamy. I’ll get it all into blog posts eventually!

2) Coconut oil. Um, like, HI THERE. I finally cracked and spent a tenner (um, what?) on a tub of coconut oil and it may just be the nicest tasting/smelling oil that has ever entered my kitchen. Also you can put it onto your face. And in your hair. Just to fuck with your mind.

3) Thanks to G being more on it with the Harry Potter news then I am (and that, my friends, is a true sign of how serious the tiredness is), I was alerted to the performance of Philosopher’s Stone accompanied by a LIVE ORCHESTRA at the Royal Albert Hall next year and spontaneously bought tickets as a very early 21st birthday present for the sibling. What with that, Cursed Child, the Fantastic Beasts film and the new books… it is all go in the HP universe. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

4) Speaking of which, I’m re-reading the books for the eight millionth time. Nope, never gonna bore of them. I’m offended you thought I would.

5) My girls. Despite being tired, despite knowing there was hundreds of things I should be doing, despite bloody bank holiday traffic, I drove down to Oxfordshire on Saturday and spent an all round sexy evening with my beautiful girls and the world’s biggest cheese board. I haven’t done everything that I wanted to get done this weekend but there’s not one little inkling of regret. Sometimes you need your oldest friends and an eff load of cheese to soothe your soul.

6) Yerma. OH EM GEE. This play basically destroyed me. The whole thing blew my mind and Billie Piper was astonishingly good. I cried/sat in shock the entire way home... and then spent the remainder of the evening looking up fertility clinics but what play doesn’t have that affect?  It’s gut-wrenching & haunts you at 2am in the morning... but would absolutely recommend.

7) Going to the cinema on my own. Yeah so, I’ve never actually done this before and I’m not sure what took me so long. Last Sunday, I spontaneously decided I wanted to go see the new Star Trek film and just took myself down to our local cinema (which is totally snazzy if you’re ever in St Albans btw – more here) and treated myself to an early evening showing accompanied by a tub of jelly beans. As much as I love going to see a film with G or my pals, there was something strangely therapeutic about going on my own. I’ve made a promise to myself to make it a regular occurrence.

8) Coming home from Iceland gave me such a renewed appreciation for mine and G’s life in St Albans. It’s all pretty grand, I gotta say.

9)  We went up to York last weekend for my cousin’s wedding  which was so much fun and gave me all the happy family feels <3.

10) Because apparently I can’t stay in one place for too long, it’s time for another trip next weekend. We’re heading back to Festival No. 6 and I am SO READY.

Hope you’ve all had a dandy bank holiday weekend babes :)