13 Reasons To Be Pretty Darn Excited About Autumn

11 Sept 2016

13 Reasons To Be Pretty Darn Excited About Autumn

Controversial statement: I haven’t been feeling summer this year.

Don’t hate on me and all that.

I love the sunshine and the heat... but not when I have to, ya know, live my life. I adore it abroad. Literally adore it. Or when I can sit under a big tree in the park with a book, notepad and relentless supply of Raspberry magnums.

But when I have to get on a Thameslink train and go to work?


You know what overwhelmingly springs to mind when I think of summer this year? The incident on the over packed train home from work where I momentarily thought I’d had some kind of bladder-related accident.


No one fucking needs that.

This year, more than ever, I’ve realised autumn is my month. Or maybe it’s just that I’m done with the upper-lip sweat thing I constantly have going on atm.

Am I talking about sweat too much?

I’m so ready guys. In fact, I’ve never been so excited for a season to begin. I keep randomly listing all the things I love about autumn when they pop into my head and G isn’t finding it annoying at all.

Lol. Blatant lie. He’s praying I’ll stfu. So I’m writing it down instead.

1) Cosiness. Rain-lashing-against-the-window-whilst-you’re-so-warm-and-toasty-in-bed cosiness. Snuggling together under the duvet, rather than pushing as far away from your other half as is possible cos you’re about to melt wicked witch of the west style. ALL THE COSINESS. 

2) Cafes & hot chocolate. Cosy cafes are so the one. Catching up with friends, taking a break from the cold, watching the world go by, reading a book, sitting with your notepad. It’s all pretty fiiiiine. St Albans is FULL of cafes and I want to have tried them all before spring arrives again. Also, hot chocolate season is here. The only hot drink I will drink. IT’S MY TIME. I recently tried a peppermint hot chocolate and sweet heaven was it dreamy. I’ve googled it and Starbucks do them apparently and there’s a Starbucks 2 seconds from my flat. BOOM. 

3) Bubble baths. I don’t really trust people who don’t like baths... just putting it out there. They’re just not the same in summer though. But sinking into a steaming hot bath full of bubbles after being out in the cold may be one of the all-time best things in life. 

4) Candles and fairy lights. That soft glow that you can create with a small lamp but is so much more magical when created with candles and fairy lights. Once September wakes up and drops the temperature a few degrees (hurry up would ya pal?), I am going to indulge in a few scented candles because nothing creates all the cosiness feels better then having a load of candles gathered round the bath. 

5) TV. This is the time of year where TV dramas up their game. Have you been watching One of Us? I am hooooooked. Bake Off is dreamy aaaand, deep breath, Poldark is back. Then there’s all those boxsets you can crack on with and let’s not forget the joy of watching a film on a rainy, wintery Sunday afternoon. 

6) Blankets. Fresh, cosy pyjamas. Chunky, fluffy socks. ALL THE SCARVES. You get my gist. 

7) CHRISTMAS. Unapologetic Christmas-lover over here. The decorations, the lights, the food, the markets, the childlike joy. That magical, fairytale like feeling that only Christmas can create. I’m ready for ya Christmas me old pal. 

8) The colours. Yesterday, I took my first shoes-in-leaves shot (above) and I ain’t even sorry. Those autumnal colours are the stuff of dreams and I just cannot get enough of them.  

9) Those fresh, crisp days. You know the ones. Clear blue sky, a gentle wind swirling the golden leaves around, that crisp freshness in the air... Promise I’m not trying to write a poem about autumn. 

10) The lack of guilt when you get home from work and wrap yourself in approx twenty eight blankets and eat an enormous bar of choc in front of the TV. There’s no weather to go out and ‘enjoy’, it’s already dark. Basically bed time. Mwahaha. 

11) Glowing streetlamps on the walk back from the pub. Yeah so I realise this is very specific but I am so ready to sit in a warm, glowing pub with G. For a roast on a Sunday afternoon. Or for an evening of homely food and getting midly tipsy on an old, squashy sofa. And I flipping love walking home in the dark with that soft glow of the streetlamps. 

12) Baking. Comfort food. Don’t tell me you’re not ready for mash potato. Custard. Thick gravy. YORKSHIRE PUDDING. Crumbles. Spending an afternoon baking cakes. Oh man, the smells coming from that oven <3

13) Fireworks. Flipping heck, this year, for the first time in forever, I may even get a sparkler. Hells yeah bitches. 

Ain’t autumn so dreamy?