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19 Aug 2016

A Disposable Camera In The Blue Lagoon

I ummed and ahhhed ahead of our trip to Iceland. How was I gonna document our trip to the Blue Lagoon?! We all know I love to document but taking my phone or camera into water, even in a waterproof carrier, literally does not compute in my brain. Taking a selfie just ain't worth the risk as far as I'm concerned.

And who the heck were all the people just taking their phones in with NO PROTECTION. Like who were these crazy beasts?! 


I went old school big time. 

How long has it been since you bought a disposable camera? Do you remember those sweet, sweet days?

I always have this strange fondness towards disposable cameras. That was where it started for me. Before the days of getting down on one knee IN PUBLIC to get the optimum shot, there were the days where I threw a little disposable to my eye and carelessly snapped a moment without the opportunity to delete or perfect, or add an instagram edit afterwards. 

I loved it. I loved winding up my little camera and capturing anything and everything. I loved considering whether it was worth taking a photo because I only had a precious 27 to take. I loved the excitement of taking them to be developed and sitting down to properly go through each and every one; the thrill of coming across the ones I'd forgotten I'd taken.

It all started with those lil disposables.

The reason I blew part of my student loan on a digital camera, the reason my iPhone camera roll constantly makes my storage freak out, the reason I taught myself to use a DSLR and the reason I'm saving for an Olympus Pen because I 'need' a more portable 'on-the-go' camera.

The pictures from the disposable camera I took into the Blue Lagoon, compared to photos I can take these days, are poor quality. But they capture the day. They capture the moment right there and then, because there was no opportunity to take them again. They capture how bright it was, how the steam swirled around us, they capture the laughter; the silliness and the fun that occurred. 

And they re-created all those feelings I had as a child, when I fell in love with having a camera in hand.

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