I’m So Bored Of Berating My Body

7 Aug 2018

I’m So Bored Of Berating My Body

Eh up chaps.

I swear I start all blog posts with currently on the sofa but yup, currently on the sofa. I do actually leave the flat sometimes. Maybe.

Not to take things on a downer but this is going to be a bit of a rant. It's not an insightful article or a witty observation; just a good old moan.

Back in May, I gave my sister the book ‘Dietland’ by Sarai Walker as her birthday present. It was my not-so-subtle way of being like READ THIS FUCKING BOOK. She finally got round to reading it last week and, like me, she’s reacted like holy shit this book and it’s prompted us to have some frank discussions about how bloody bored we are with body insecurities, and how freakin’ HARD it is to re-wire our brains to cut that shit out.

I cannot be the only one who whole heartedly believes in body positivity and yet are still plagued by doubts about size and cellulite and belly rolls and all this other shit I am convinced is not something that will concern us on our deaths bed; except for maybe regretting the times we wasted pondering these bullshit ideals.

I’m bored of trying so hard to embrace body positivity and yet still feeling a level of guilt associated with certain foods. I’m bored of 100% believing diets are a load of crap and yet wondering if I should try and ‘slim down’ for my wedding day.

I’m bored of exercise constantly being advertised as a way to lose weight whilst all the other (more important) benefits are lost along the way. I’m bored of seeing friends choose foods based on calories rather than taste or enjoyment.

I’m bored of seeing media shame and criticise women's bodies. I’m bored of bodies being policed and constant new ways of eating confusing and disjointing us.

I’m so goddam bored of berating my body. I need to change my brain – to scoop out every stupid thought and insecurity and chuck it in the bin, leaving only acceptance or – if we’re really lucky – a lil bit of self-love.

It’s the boredom that pushes me the most to keep working on this. Because the prospect of spending the rest of my life with these thoughts is more draining than running in this heatwave.

Our bodies protects us, transports us, never gives up on us; so it’s pretty fucking harsh to then constantly berate it don’t ya think? We all need to show it some love – and maybe some ice cream – instead. Us and our bodies will probably feel better for it. If only it were that easy eh?

P.S. Read Dietland. It’s a game changer.


  1. This has motivated me to go ahead and have the potato wedges for lunch and not the salad

  2. Yes! I'm so glad that so many people are coming round to this, I started exercising every day because I want to love my body not because I hate it! I get so so so many adverts on instagram at the moment which are about becoming a fitness influencer? And all of them are about getting that summer body and I am so so sick of it all. Her'es to unlearning all of that self loathing bullshit!

    The Quirky Queer

    1. Amen girl! Urgh summer is the worst time for it. Cba to deal with it anymore!