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9 Feb 2016

London Eats | Pancakes at Lanes of London

Pancakes got classy this year. I will never be a classy one but for a couple of hours, I tried (and failed).

My friend B and I decided to head to Mayfair for pancakes because, hey WHY NOT, and also cos sometimes we like to pretend we are more high achieving than we actually are. It keeps us entertained. 

Lanes of London on Park Lane have been doing pancake week (because pancakes should never be confined to just the one day) and who wouldn't want to casually go and dine on some posh pancakes after work?

So yeah, we had to triple check we weren't wearing trainers or t-shirts with profanities on before we went in, we ending up paying £7 for a bottle of water (SEVEN FREAKIN POUNDS), got the giggles at the doorman with the top hat and spent a lot of time marvelling at the posh loos and enormous hotel lobby. Seriously, the only way we could have made it more obvious we didn't belong was if we had the word PEASANTS tattooed across our foreheads.  

But mate, THE PANCAKES. Oh my gaaaaawd. 

I have never had pancakes that were quite so melt-in-mouth. They were just so, so... 

Ya get the gist. 

There was an awkward moment where we were presented with the main menu and we were all like ummm we heard there were pancakes? But then we chilled and spent an age trying to decide what we wanted; there were 3 savoury and 4 sweet options but I assure you that was stressful enough.

I eventually picked the salmon pancake which came with a poached egg and dill cream. The salmon was gorgeous, the egg cooked to perfection and gimme a spoon so I can finish off that dill cream please.

B went for the bacon which came with a green apple salad, maple syrup and corn cream. I'm assured it tasted incredible (there was no sharing cos like, get the hell away from my pancake?!)

We had a big gap between mains and ordering desserts which I'm not used to in restaurants but once you adjust, it's really nice to have a proper chat in a lovely atmosphere. And, more importantly, it gives your main time to settle properly so you really do feel ready for dessert when it arrives.

B went for the the blueberry pancakes which came with lemon curd and ricotta and she fashioned herself an incredible pancake sandwich with them all cos she's clearly a culinary genius.

My choice was the Choco; roasted banana, chocolate sorbet, chocolate sauce and toasted almonds. HI THERE. The sorbet was less sweet than ice cream which made it less sickly and therefore it was all a winning combination. Hey, that banana was roasted to perfection.

The evening ended with minor hysterics at the bill (£10 per portion of pancakes was expected, the £7 water was not...) and then a thoroughly enjoyable trip to the loo. Posh loo trips are always the best, don't pretend otherwise. 

Happy pancake day folks; smiley faces all round!

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  1. Who doesn't want to take a mortgage out for water?

    Classic evening out, nobody noticed we are from the ghetto 😂