The 10 best things about being best pals with the gal at work

19 Feb 2016

The 10 best things about being best pals with the gal at work

I've been at my job for nearly a year now and right at the start of that year, I had the good fortune to sit next to a gal who I was clearly destined to become best friends with. Within a few weeks it was all OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE and we haven't looked back since. Sadly (by which I mean, I am sobbing and rocking in a corner), she moves onto a new job today (I know, what a bitch) so I thought it appropriate to reflect on the best things about becoming best pals with the person at the next desk.

1) You always have someone to share the baked goods you randomly decided to create the night before. And the favour is always returned.  

2) One of those days where you need a nap? 
Wake me up in ten babe 

3) She’s got your back during busy periods; helping out where she can, bringing you chocolate bars every half an hour and not taking offence what you stop listening to what she's saying because your computer has just frozen for the bajillionth time.  

4) She doesn't think there’s any issue decorating your work space so much in December that it looks like Christmas threw up on your desk. In fact, she joins in. 

5) You have someone who will be 100% honest with you after the Christmas party.
Um, did I really smash a wine glass, dance on the boardroom table and stick post it notes all over my managers desk? 
Yes babe, yes you did. 

6) You got someone to cover for you when you're having a grumpy bitch day. 
Kate isn't talking to people today. Gimme the message and I'll pass it on when it's safe to do so. 

7) She shares and encourages your ridiculous bored-day fantasies.
I've decided I'm going to live in Fiji. Definitely doing this. Probably next week.  
Hang on, I'll help you look up flights. 

8) You don’t have to watch what you say and can share absolutely anything. 
Definitely been wearing my knickers inside out all day...

9) Work drinks never feel like an obligation; more the chance to drink wine at 4pm with ya best mate. 

10) You're in it together. From the grumpy 'life crisis' days to the companionable silence afternoons, you're a team man. Most importantly, every day at work is a total laugh. Cheers babes. 


  1. This 100% has made my day. Literally the best babe I could have dreamed to work with. I don't need to tell you how I am in hysterics right now...because you are right next to me.

    So much love, and the love ain't ending because I'm going. It's here to stay, forever.

    Love ya Sista from anova mista