25 things we should all aim to learn in our twenties

14 Feb 2016

25 things we should all aim to learn in our twenties

Because your twenties are a time for learning, discovering, accepting and it was my birthday this weekend and this list just kinda happened... 

1) It’s okay to be you, with all your eccentricities and that random, embarrassing laugh-snort that appears out of the blue occasionally. Don’t bother with people who don’t love the laugh-snort. 

2) Some days, you really need to eat every morsel in your kitchen. Don’t feel guilty about it; we have all been there babes.  

3) Comparing yourself to anyone else is a waste of time. You are you and you have your life. Be realistic and content with what you can achieve and what you have. 

4) Laughing about your failures is truly the best coping mechanism. Laugh, learn and move on. 

5) An ordinary life is actually really fucking magical. Do not underestimate how incredible an ordinary life can be. 

6) Sex is not like the films. Not unless Julia Roberts is doing that awkward shuffle to the loo afterwards. 

7) The way people look does not remotely represent their character. If you’re dismissing someone because of their choice of shoes then you’re just plain shallow. 

8) When you meet someone you instantly click with, whatever kind of relationship in whatever walk of life, grab hold of them and never let go. 

9) Time is more important (way more important) than money. It’s annoying but stop stressing over your shitty wage (seriously Kate, LET IT GO); it wastes time. No one ever lay on their deathbed and wished they’d spent longer hours in the office. You can never get time back. 

10) If you find someone who also loves cat videos, you’re onto a winner. 

11) Stop trying to conform to how the media portray human bodies. Look around you; who the hell actually looks like that?! Be happy in your skin and actively work to ignore the bullshit perceptions of beauty. Being hungry is shit; you are your roll of belly fat are fucking fabulous.

12) It’s okay to think on things for a while. There are a lot of people who tell you to ‘act now’ but there’s also a lot of people who like to think things through. If you’re one of them, ignore the pressure and think. If you’re not, leave the rest of us to do our thinking in peace.

13) Social media AIN’T REAL LIFE. Take everything you see on there with a pinch of salt. No one’s life is perfect so even the owner of that incredibly gorgeous, glamorous Intagram account you follow will also have those days where they sit around in unwashed pjs, eating a supermarket’s worth of chocolate and turning their bed into a crumb den... or is that just me? 

14) Some days, it is okay to not brush your hair. But probably not when you need to be in the office. 

15) The small things are so incredibly important.  

16) Men catcalling from vans are the kind of people who get a buzz out of seeing someone being intimated and humiliated in the middle of the street. Do not treat them as a bit of a joke.

17) People who have gone travelling and then talk about it like they’ve become the queen of the world are incredibly annoying. Travelling is amazing and the more you can do, the better, but please stop banging on about how you ‘found yourself’. You sound like a pretentious prick. 

18) Crying for no reason just needs to be done sometimes. Embrace it. 

19) Stop judging people’s sex lives. Why the hell is it your business?

20) Whilst we’re on the subject, the fact that people have sex is not a big deal. Stop banging (excuse the pun) on about it to show off or alternatively talking about it in hushed whispers like it’s something perverse. The entire population does it. Either shut up or get over it.

21) There are times when keeping quiet just isn’t acceptable. Stand up for your morals. 

22) Accept friendships for what they are. Some friends are the kind you meet for dinner once in a blue moon. Some are the kind you send selfies to whilst on the loo. Sometimes you grow apart from people, sometimes you become so close you’re convinced they’re your long lost sibling. Don’t force friendships, don’t be jealous and always be loyal. Remember, the effortless ones are always the best. 

23) Kissing someone who doesn’t make you feel on top of the world is a waste of time. Go find someone who does. 

24) Eating a slice of cake will not kill you. Drinking a green smoothie will not save you.

25) Tell the people you love how much you love them. Regularly.