15 things I've done in my twenties that would horrify my 15 year old self

4 Feb 2016

15 things I've done in my twenties that would horrify my 15 year old self

A teenager legit walked into me earlier. Cos she was SKIPPING. So actually no, she didn’t walk into me, she SKIPPED into me. She was about 15 and all I could think was UM s’cuse me, isn’t skipping something that automatically stops being acceptable when you’re like 5?

But then I wondered if maybe skipping is the new thing amongst teenagers (I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s not but go with this). Because, HOW WOULD I KNOW? It’s been an age since I was 15, how do I know what’s down with the kids these days?

Got old didn’t I? Oldish. Okay not old at all but 15 was forever ago now and crazy skipping girl made me realise this. Thanks weirdo (slash oh my god you’re skipping down the streets of London, what an incredible gal you are – let’s be friends?)

So let’s look at things that I do now that would probably horrify my poor 15 year old self suffering from hormones and social pressure. Cos that’s a fun thing to do on a Thursday night right?

1) Buying cushions. I HAVE TURNED INTO MY MOTHER. But erm, could I ,like, get them all please?

2) Had several conversations about the importance of contributing into a pension. I’M TWENTY THREE. But seriously. That shit important.

3) Drunk wine. It really does taste better when you get older/when you’ve numbed your taste buds from drinking blue Wkd. WHY WAS IT SO BLUE?

4) Moaned about house prices. Need to save up a casual bajillion pounds for a deposit. May as well become a full time homeless person now.  

5) Stared at my acne in horror. Nope, not just something for teenagers. WHAT THE HELL MUM, YOU TOLD ME I WOULD GROW OUT OF IT. 

6) Erm, how much freakin fun is an Ikea trip?!

7) Said the words ‘I need my own garden’. Good grief. 

8) Become a commuter. Whhhhhyyyyy.

9) Created a spreadsheet to monitor my spending. Joke, my boyfriend created it cos I don’t understand the witchcraft that is excel but I do keep track of every one of my pennies. WHO HAVE I BECOME?

10) Driven with only one hand on the steering wheel. Cos that shit scared me when I was 15… still scares me… but look I’m a cool, casual, experienced driver now. Mmmmmhuuum. 

11) Hanging framed pictures on the wall. Mate, what happened to the blue tac?

12) Moaned about the cost of parking. £8.50 a day? ARE YOU HAVING A FUCKING LAUGH?!

13) Got addicted to Coronation Street. IT’S COMFORTING OKAY.

14) Added up using my fingers. STILL?! Yup. Soz.

15) Bed time reading = cookbooks. Erm, best thing ever? 


  1. My favourite one yet 😂 such a good post. Now thinking of all the things my 15 year old self would be looking at me saying um what now?

    Buying my underwear from M&S

    1. Thanks babes! Cracking up at buying underwear from M&S; omg so much comfier!