Little Gems: 15

1 Nov 2015

Oh my those Autumn colours! 

1) What the hell November, where did you come from?!

2) But thanks for bringing along those gorgeous Autumn colours.

3) FIVE HOURS. That's how long it took me to get Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tickets! Oh JK, the stress you put us through.

5) There are soooo many good films at the cinema at the moment. I've managed to make a sizeable dent in my I-want-to-see list, ticking off Suffragettes, Hamlet: National Theatre Live, The Lobster and Spectre; all of which I would recommend.

6) You should check out the band Bear's Den. Have I said this before? Probably. But it needs saying many times. This band are uh-mazing and seeing them live at the Roundhouse this week only increased my love for them.

8) Working from home. It's a while since I've been able to do this and it's great to have the privilege again.

9) Spent a day in Canterbury recently; what a gorgeous city!

10) Adulthood. Oh how this made me chuckle.