25 Nov 2015

There's been a distinct lack of cooking on the blog recently. This is partly because I have been crazy busy but partly because I've been thinking of setting myself a little challenge.

As you know, I began trying to improve my very limited cooking skills a few months ago. There hasn't been any particular direction to it; I've just been cooking what I fancy giving a go, and trying to note what I've learned from each recipe. It's been a lot of fun and I don't have any intention of stopping. However, when I read Adam Liaw's article: 10 dishes you should be able to cook by the time you're 30, it really got me thinking about the key things I would like on my own can-cook list. I'm loving the lack of direction on my cooking adventure; it's fun and gives me so much freedom, but, are there any basics I should have covered? Sure, I can now make chilli mac, but, let's be honest, how confident do I actually feel when boiling an egg? Could I do it off the top of my head, or would I have to google how long to leave it in the water for?

Hmmm, perhaps it's time to stop googling and just cook the damn egg.

I have added my own additions to Adam Liaw's list of dishes everyone should know how to cook and, inspired by the 'before 30' aspect of the article, have decided to tick off at least one of these every week in the 12 weeks leading up to my birthday.  I feel November is a good time to set yourself a food-related challenge. The cold has arrived (finally) so what better time to set up camp in the cosy kitchen?

If you too are unsure what is the best way to make scrambled eggs, or have never actually made a lasagne, then follow along. Don't worry, I'm on the case.