Little Gems: 16

15 Nov 2015

Sourdough bread roll, baked by my lovely friend. What a treat.

1) Oh Bonfire Night, how much I love you. Even if you were weirdly warm this year...

2) It's getting colder now right? Surely? I can't keep wearing shorts for the rest of winter. It's getting weird.

3) The Lady in the Van is a lovely, lovely film.

4) Gifts for book lovers. HINT HINT.

5) Several weeks behind, but has anyone else been watching BBC's River? I've finally caught up on the first two episodes and WOW.

6) Speaking of which, ITV's Unforgotten, also with Nicola Walker in, is also well worth a watch.

8) BBC Good Food magazine: the Christmas addition *drools*.

9) My lovely friend baked me a sourdough bread roll and brought it to work for me. It really is the little things. What a babe.

10) Paris <3