Festival No. 6 Food Favourites

26 Oct 2015

What makes festival food so damn good? So often you can be eating utter rubbish yet, in that moment, you think it's the best thing you've ever tasted.

In the case of Festival No. 6, however, it really was. Yes, it was overpriced, just like all festival food. Yes, you're eating it in a rain-soaked field, just like all festivals. But, unlike other festivals, the quality was as good, if not better, than many restaurants.

Festival No. 6 was a foodie heaven. Their Street Food Village got me SO excited. Honestly, I was more excited about the food than anything else. Whilst it really wasn't possible to try everything (I tried guys, I really did), here are my favourite festival food moments.

Pizza slice

Has to be done at least once during a festival weekend! £4 for a big slice of cheesy margarita; you can't really go wrong! To be enjoyed lounging around on the muddy grass, watching James Morrison.

Strawberry and pomegranate cider

Because what goes better with the pizza? I firmly believe that a fruit cider is essential during the summer and Old Mout Cider is seriously yummy; particularly the Strawberry and Pomegranate flavour. Their tent had taster shots and people playing giant Jenga... blindfolded.


Yes, okay, I realise I'm talking about water here. But, um, it was in a box?! I love quirky stuff like that! After drinking from the water tap on the camp site, this Somerset spring water was heavenly. Plus, doing good for the environment! Double win.

Strawberry and banana milkshake with whipped cream

Naturally, I couldn't walk past the milkshake truck without dragging my feet until G was forced to stop so I could stare in wonder at the extravagant milkshakes on offer.  Obviously banana is my favourite but I shook it up this time with strawberry and whipped cream. Yes, yes and yes.

Morning smoothie

For the brief I-need-to-be-healthy moment at breakfast time. Not that I ever had that moment, I just bloody love a smoothie, but we can pretend that's what this was. Coconut milk, almond milk, banana, raw cacao, maca & lacuma from S'Juice Me; this was all sorts of goodness. I didn't know half the stuff that went in it and unfortunately (for someone who likes to blog about food), it was a unattractive brown colour and didn't photograph well; but I assure you, it tasted amazing. You can have a picture of me enjoying it instead. 

Churros from Los Churros Amigos 

It's dark, it's freezing, you can see your breath circulating in front of you... But you're loving it. Because you're not on your way home from work, desperate for warmth, you're surrounded by fresh air, music, lights, smells of a hundred different foods; and so much laughter. Nothing could make this better.

Except churros, and hot, melted Belgian chocolate. OBVIOUSLY.

Bagel Boy 

This stall always had a huge queue so we knew we were going to have to try it out at some point. Huge queue = popularity, meaning it's probably worth the wait. Which it needs to be, because I desperately struggle to queue for food. As if I have the patience for that.

I changed my mind three times whilst stood in that queue but eventually settled on the 'Upstream Boy'; smoked salmon, peppered cream cheese, lemon and lettuce. I'll be having this for breakfast always please.


This was by far my most fun food experience of the weekend. I kept seeing people with candyfloss and I was suddenly a kid again, desperate to have an enormous ball of sugar in my hand.

The fact that I am no longer a child didn't seem to be enough to stop me joining a queue of 7 year olds and getting my sugar high. I even got a chance to whip up the candyfloss myself (whilst being sprinkled with glitter) which was so much fun, aside from the hordes of wasps circling my hands.

The Cheese Truck

The Cheese Truck is a converted ice cream truck that serves a whole host of grilled cheese sandwiches. If I can just get this truck to come tinkering round my street in the same way the ice cream truck does; I can die a happy woman.
I went for the goat's cheese with honey and walnut grilled sandwich (with chips because, hello, I was on holiday) and oh my, it was good. I also snaffled a bite of G's stilton, bacon and pear sandwich which was equally as good.

We enjoyed these beauties whilst camped out in front of the Estuary stage.

Chorizo and red pepper scotch egg with sweet potato fries

After a long morning of travelling, getting to the site and pitching the tent, we finally found ourselves in the middle of the festival. And we were HUNGRY. G is a big fan of a scotch egg but I've never been too fussed. However, I had reached the point where I'd eat anything so I went for one as well. Wise decision.

As we sat on a hay bay, cramming these delicious chorizo and red pepper scotch eggs into our mouths and listened to some chilled live music, I felt like we'd finally arrived. Oh and let's not forgot the sweet potato fries!


Buttermilk and buckwheat pancakes. HELLO. To be eaten for breakfast with maple syrup or bacon and blueberries, or for pudding with chocolate sauce or blackberries and cream. Scoff your face and watch the world go by.

Anna Mae's mac 'n' cheese

I first discovered Anna Mae's mac 'n' cheese at Glastonbury last year. I was with one of my best friends, who also shares my adoration for mac 'n' cheese (probably why she's one of my best  friends), and when we saw the truck, we grabbed each other and ran towards it with an excitement that probably isn't acceptable in civilised society. But, hey, it was Glastonbury. Anything goes.

This, (prepare yourself for a controversial statement), is the best macaroni cheese ever. That's right. I said it. I thought perhaps I loved it so much the first time round because I was at Glastonbury. But, after sampling three portions during my three days at Festival No. 6, I can conclude that this is my absolute favourite mac 'n' cheese. My favourite Festival No. 6 dish was the Don Macaroni; mac 'n' cheese with bacon, basil oil and basil leaves. You can find out more about Anna Mae's here and, yes, I have already purchased the cook book.

Keep an eye out in the kitchen for some festival-inspired recipes!