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29 Nov 2015

Little Gems: 17

Pay day at Dinerama resulted in a serious stomach ache. 

Song: Water under the bridge - Adele


2) It's December (well, very nearly) which is officially one of my favourite months. Get those Christmas trees up guys, I love seeing them.

3) JK Rowling is marvellous. 

4) Check out Dinerama in Shorditch; it's brilliantly yummy.

5) Had a good old mooch around St Albans this weekend. Loved that place since I was a kid so definitely not freaking out about potentially moving there...

6) Mockingjay: Part 2 delivered! This series is definitely one of the best book-film adaptations I've seen.


8) Oh Belgium. This was genius.

9) The Steve Jobs film is so worth your time and money.

10) Did I mention Adele's album?!

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