Little Gems: 9

31 Aug 2015

Trying and failing to get lost in the woods. 

1) This week was the first time in months that I got drenched on the way to work, the first time in months that I pulled a blanket over me in the evening and the first time I noticed that it's now dark by half eight in the evening. Starting to feel like Autumn has arrived but I seem to be in the mood. Really quite looking forward to the season of red and orange. If it could just not rain...

2) The only downside of Autumn is the lack of Bank Holidays. So much love for the three day weekend.

3) Have you seen Trainwreck? I laughed (loudly) throughout this film; a lot better than I was expecting.


5) Lazy Sunday walks. Went for a walk in the local wood, tried and failed to get lost. Need more trees....

6) Top ten jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe. I'm a fan of number six.

7) Long weekend next week = a three day week! Meaning it's already Wednesday tomorrow.

8) Watched The Parent Trap for the first time in ages. Never gets old.

9) This article. Just for the phrase 'banter bogs'.

10) Tomorrow is 1 September. Surely this is the year I'll be heading off to Hogwarts?!