Little Gems: 6 | A Trip To Ludlow

6 Aug 2015

Our pad for the week. 

1) What a beautiful few days it has been. This Little Gems post maaaaay have a bit of a holiday theme going on. But come on, we stayed IN A CASTLE. You'd want to talk about it too. So, here are some things you could get up to if you decide on an adventure in Shropshire. Like staying in a castle. Did I mention the castle?

2) Go to a bizarre old Tudor Lodge. There was a lot of empty rooms, creaking doors and an alarming amount of rugs... And a ghost. Probably.

3) Check out Iron Bridge. It was the first arch bridge in the world to be made from cast iron; in 1779. That's pretty impressive.

Plus there's a cafe opposite which does A-mazing banana milkshakes. You're welcome.

And a museum. Everyone loves a museum. Actually, there were ten (TEN). But I only went to one. I don't love them that much.

4) Climb a church tower. Cos, why not?

This is me 'climbing'

5) Go to the Museum of Lost Content. It's a bit like entering a parallel universe. Either that, or you're drugged when you go in. It's bizarre and overwhelming and so, so, weird. But a lot of fun... as long as you take your sense of humour with you.

6) Find your nearest English Heritage house. Come on, you're on a British holiday. It has to be done.

7) Pause your fun to eat cake in the afternoon. This is ESSENTIAL.

I wish I could remember what this was called but I know it was all pastry and cinnamon and sugary goodness.

7) Go on a ghost tour. They're such a good way of seeing parts of a town you would never otherwise have seen. There's usually an odd guy in a top hat that you have to follow into a dark forest but try not to let that bother you.

9) Well HELLO spa weekend!

 10) Appreciate all those little holiday things...

Like finding a random record store down an alley way...

 Making friends with the locals.

The fact that it goes totally silent at night.

And sitting on a bench eating chips with the loons you call family.