Little Gems: 10

8 Sept 2015

1) A long weekend at Festival No. 6 was magical.

2) It was also magical not to hear traffic, to be able to breathe fresh air (REAL fresh air!), and gaze at the surrounding mountains. Get me back to the Welsh countryside asap please.

3) Catching up with one of my oldest friends, J, over a strawberry milkshake dramatically improved a dark, drizzly Wednesday night.

5) Two of my lovely friends took me to Turtle Bay for the first time for a night of food, cocktails and laughter. How have I never been to this tasty restaurant before?!

6) How freaking gorgeous do these cottages look?!

7) Ah flashbacks to my summer working at a wedding venue.

8) Chris the sheep. Do love a bizarre internet phenomenon.

9) Accidentally bought 3 new books this week... Whoops.

10) I so need these pancakes in Taza's blog post.