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17 Aug 2015

Little Gems: 7 | A Trip To The Netherlands

Canals as far as the eye can see. 
Song: Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons. Guess where we went...

1) Holiday take 2! This time, we took a visit to the land of clogs and tulips and cheese. Not that I saw many clogs or tulips. Can't say the same for the cheese. Guys, guys, guys, Amsterdam has a CHEESE MUSEUM. I'll pause for a moment whilst you book your flight...

2) Cocktails on the canal...

3) Night time cruise. Such a great way to see all of Amsterdam, and it's just as pretty at night. There was also 3 bottles of wine and a load of cheese, and it was all part of the reasonable ticket price. Needless to say, it was a tipsy walk back to the hotel.

4) Pancakes for breakfast. Oh yeah! We were in Holland, it would have been rude not to!

5) I'd forgotten how much bloody fun water slides are! I want more water parks in the UK! (Please don't point out the realities of the British weather because I don't want to hear it right now.)

6) I liked this guy...

7) Rotterdam is all about the weird and wonderful architecture. People live in this!

10) My holiday read was Alexandra Braken's The Darkest Minds series. Best dystopian YA series I've come across in ages!

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