Let's all appreciate the tastiness of an avocado

28 Jul 2015

Shall we learn the art of cutting an avocado? Go on then, sounds like fun. Mary; we're heading back to the kitchen. Mary! MARY! There you are! Come on, you're going to teach my how to cut an avocado. Why? Because they're yummy and I've only recently discovered my love for them but I've no idea how to chop em up in a quick and mess-free way. So let's go.

Run a knife through the avocado, round the edge of the centre stone. Twist the two halves to break apart.

Strike the stone with the knife to get it out. Was a bit dubious of Mary on this one but it's a mess-free way of getting the stone out quick and easy.

Slide a spatula round the edge of the 'flesh' (do we have to call it flesh? It creeps me out...) to remove the skin.

Lovely stuff!

Like mozzarella and tomato salads (you should)? Throw in some avocado as well!

Chop up your tomato and mozzarella as well.

Layer up, drizzle with oil and sprinkle with pepper.

Dollop on some basil pesto - be generous!

Hey-pesto! Perfect packed-lunch.

Kate's learning corner

Lemon juice stops an avocado from discolouring, and adds to the taste of the salad!