Little Gems: 5

27 Jul 2015

It's been a rough week but it's now time for holiday! Starbucks Red Berry Yoghurt Frappuccino accompanying me on my travels. 

1) This week has been a hectic one at work, and to make matters worse, I've been ill (my friend at work renamed this week grumpy bitch week... I am all for making this a hashtag). So my week has pretty much been late in the office and straight to bed when I've crawled home. Long days in the office always involve random internet browsing moments so here's a few of my favourite discoveries from this week starting with this guy, who lived in a tent for ten months! Maybe this is the answer to the housing problems amongst my generation...

2) HELLO James Bond trailer *momentarily forget I'm ill*.

3) Never thought I'd see the day where I'd be going to work whilst ill because I have 'too much to do'... Need empowering feels... oh here we go.

4) Oh gawwwwd, I think I've overdosed on day nurse... oooo HAIR....

5) Can you die from a cold? Because this must be what's happening to me right now... mmmm pudding.

6) And then I perked up... still not 100% but enough to actually do more than work and sleep... so Friday night, my boyfriend and I were in a bar by half 4. There was wine, sweet potato fries and lots of laughter.

7) I went to my first BBQ of the year on Saturday. Considering it's the end of July, this is pretty shameful but yay for old friends, couscous and fruit ciders.

8) I imagine this blog post could be interpreted many ways but I just think it's absolutely beautiful and, in my interpretation, dead on the money. I've read it every day for the past week.

9) Will you please go listen to the Bear's Den album? It's too.damn.good.