Little gems: 2

6 Jul 2015

Using snapchat and instagram to express my horror at the temperature on an un-airconditioned commuter train during a heatwave

Little things that have made me smile in recent days: 

Song: 'Weary Eyes' - Augustines. Several people promised me that Augustines would be right up my street and they were right. I'm seeing them live in August and I cannot wait to see them play this song. 

1) Oh myyyyyyy it is HOT. I will admit, I did do a little bit of complaining during the 'heatwave' (does two days count as a heatwave?). I know there are all those people out there insisting that us Brits shouldn't be complaining about the glorious weather but these were the people sunning in their back garden, frolicking on the beach, gliding through a swimming pool... you get the gist. The rest of us shmucks had to go to work. And let me tell you, 36 degrees on an un-airconditioned, delayed thameslink train... you'd complain too. Still, blue skies and pure sun always puts me in a good mood. And the hilarity of scrolling through the headlines and watch as the country FREAKS OUT over the heat could keep me entertained for hours.

2) When it got to Saturday, my complaining immediately stopped. The temperature dropped back down to twenty-something but that was still plenty warm enough for a day out to the beach where we sat on the front of the harbour eating a 99 ice cream which actually cost 99p!

3) Speaking of ice cream, have you tried the new Raspberry magnums yet? Best. Thing. Ever.

4) Whilst we're on the theme of food-in-the-sunshine, I do love British holiday food. Spent a few days in Devon recently and it was all about the fish 'n' chips, pasties, ice cream and a chilled fruit cider on the beach.

5) The whole planet gained an extra second. A WHOLE SECOND. I hope you used it wisely. The science behind this blows my mind a bit. And it's always fun to see if this screws up our digital systems in some post-apocolyptic type scenario.

6) My aunt dropped in to see us on her way back from France, and brought us the biggest flan you have ever seen in your life. All I’ve eaten all week is flan which, in my mind, can only be a good thing.

8) For the foodies amongst you. Feel free to check out my 'Confessions of a foodie' post here

9) Know what Dubsmash is? Nope, me neither. But Billie Piper, Amanda Abbington, Cara Delevingne and Hugh Jackman can show you... 

10) 20 days until I go on holiday! Not that I'm counting or anything...