October Reads for Halloween

31 Oct 2017

October reads for Halloween

I don’t wanna show off or anything but I really don’t need to dress up for Halloween. Thanks to a deliciously snotty cold, I already resemble a zombie. Don’t be jealous now.

And also don’t try and trick & treat at my door tonight cos all you’ll get is a feverish monster on the sofa who already ate all your sweets and is pissed cos you’ve interrupted the GBBO finale. You have been warned.

Anyway, these aren’t scary books, they’re crime thrillers but they’re both about missing babies which is always a creepy premise; it felt appropriate to talk about them on Halloween anyway.

The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena

I started reading this in a casual just-before-bed type way and ended up finishing it 24 hours later in a slightly frenzied fashion because WHERE THE HECK IS THE BABY AND WHY IS EVERYONE HORRIBLE?

It was great.

Basic premise is that a couple come home to find their front door ajar, the house dark and their six-month-old baby missing. It’s an easy read, races along and throws twists at you all the way through.

The Child - Fiona Barton

I snapped this one up because it was the same author as The Widow which I read a few months back. It includes a couple of the same characters but is a standalone story.

It starts with the skeleton of a baby being discovered on a building site and jumps between different character perspectives as a journalist tries to find out the truth. It’s pretty dark in places but another one that you read obsessively because you have to know what happened to the damn baby.

Happy Halloween!