My before-a-baby travel bucket list

9 Oct 2017

My before-a-baby travel bucket list

Before you either squeal with excitement or look at me in horror, I have no intention of having a baby soon. I’m not going to do the whole can’t-even-look-after-myself shenanigans cos, well I can look after myself (just) and I am broody, and not doing a very good job of hiding it. My ovaries are all like COOIE OVER HERE, LOOK AT US and my brain is like NOPE STOP IT, BEHAVE. 

But a baby is on the cards for the future, after a few more nights in the pub, awake-until-3am and pointless spending in Lush moments have been squeezed in. 

But the main reason I need a couple more years before considering allowing a creature to clamber out of my private parts, is my wanderlust. Which I’m not very good at keeping in check. 

I have a travel bucket list tucked away in the depths of my hard drive, that I not-so-secretly dig out once in a while all the time to add to. But even I am willing to admit that I can’t do it all before I cave into my broodiness (as much as my fantasy Singapore – Australia – New Zealand – Fiji trip calls to me…). 

So these are the places I’ve pulled from the list, that I want to attempt to go to before we sprog up. In no particular order…

Scotland Road Trip

I don’t remember how it started but G and I have been talking about doing some kind of Scottish road trip for a while now. And then the other day, I discovered the North Coast 500 and omg, I am now transfixed with the idea. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically described as Scotland’s answer to Route 66. I think I’d want to make it a 7-10 day trip with dreamy mountain views around every corner, maybe some wild camping and definitely a lot of local food.


My experience of Ireland is Dublin airport and I’m sensing that’s probably not the main highlight. I’ve yet to decide where exactly I want to go yet (city or country?) but I’d be unimpressed if I didn’t at least manage to squeeze in a weekend at some point given that it’s right there


I’ve actually been to Brighton several times, the last time being around 5 years ago, but I’ve got this itch to do a more ‘adult’ trip. I’m thinking less aquarium & arcade and more boutique hotel, windswept walks along the beach, cute brunch and cosy cafes. 

Santorini, Greece

We all know the Greek islands will always hold a little bit of my heart and I am super eager to discover a new one. The internet seems to be fangirling over Santorini and I figure there must be a reason for this. Every time I see a picture of the place, I drool like it’s a huge slice of cake or summin’. Someone offer to book my flights for me pls? 


Croatia has been not-so-subtly pushing itself to the top of this list ever since I added it earlier this year. I see you there pal, creepin’ away. The waterfalls, the architecture, the national parks, the spectacular beaches… alright alright, I’m booking already. 


Not entirely sure how I became so keen to visit Switzerland but I think it might just be because I saw a sexy picture of a cabin in the alps and, well, that’s all it took. I definitely want to spend a couple of days exploring Bern, which looks like a gorgeous little city, and then hop onto a train up into the Swiss alps where I can gaze at those mountains forever more.   


My love for the Nordic countries started the moment I landed in the Lofoten Islands, Norway back in 2010. Since then I’ve been to Sweden and Iceland and all 3 trips are up at the top of my favourite-holidays-of-all-time list. Whilst I 100% want to go back to all 3 at some point, I also want to visit Denmark and Finland (cos I need to have ticked off all five…) and Copenhagen is my first port of call. 

USA adventure  

This bugger has been invading my thoughts since approx. 2008. I have two BIG trips that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. One being, as mentioned above, a trip that involves Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, and the other a USA adventure, which has won out as the one to do first. If I’m honest, the logistics still need a lot of fine tuning because the places I desperately want to go are, ahem, opposite sides of the country. I know that I want to stop in to see my gal New York again but Washington DC, Yosemite national park, the Grand Canyon and San Francisco are also on the list… see what I mean about logistics?  

Anywhere else I should be adding to the list?