Dealing with life curveballs

20 Oct 2017

Some thoughts on dealing with life curveballs

Life is a bit weird. You can be wandering a long, minding your own business, when it suddenly throws you a curveball.

A curveball from something or someone that you don’t have any control over. But throws you off kilter all the same.

And it’s all like wait what? I was just browsing the Lush Halloween range and wondering about what to have for dinner, what’s this for?!

It can happen when everything’s feeling good and calm. It can happen when everything’s feeling shite and it’s literally the last thing you needed.

And there’s really not much you can do about it. No one is immune to a life curveball.

Which is absolutely no help when the adrenaline wears off and you suddenly crash into the reality of how you feel about it all.

The thing is, life is going to pull these stunts. It is going to test you and push you and, yes, occasionally cause you to cry in that really unattractive fashion where you’re not sure what’s snot and what’s tears. Dreamy eh?

I find it helps to put everything into perspective, even when you are crying in that snotty fashion. Unless you have lost a person or your good health, then chances are, whatever curve ball you’ve been thrown, it is not your rock bottom.

Dealing with rock bottom is a whole other kettle of fish.

But this is not rock bottom and you can deal with this. Or at least learn to deal with it. To accept life curveballs are going to happen, accept they may just cause short term drama or have long term consequences. And, either way, when they happen, we do have the strength to get through them.

Have a great weekend, you tough cookie.