Life lately

3 Nov 2017

Life lately

I’m currently sat in Costa chomping my way through their new Christmas menu in a real classy fashion. My favourite mint hot chocolate is back and the brie, bacon and cranberry panini is going down a treat.

It’s November I hear you say? Go tell someone who cares.

You see, if November is gonna show up alarmingly quick, then I figure it's time to start getting in that chipper Christmas mood.

Cos October? Yeah, October was rubbish.

There was family drama, an ear infection (my ears were literally bleeding), a hefty cold and new-job-stress for both G and I.

I’ve had one of them cartoon grey clouds hanging over my head and am struggling to shift it. I’ve been a delight to be around obvs.

G had to work all last weekend and late every day this week so I’ve spent a lot of the last week on my own and I’m not entirely sure that’s helped the glumness. I mean, tbf I like my own company a lot of the time, but I’ve made no effort to bring myself out the glumness and now here I am, stuck in Glum Town.

And I need this to change because it’s glum being glum. So, yup, I’m using Christmas to propel my mood upwards. Despite my excess love for it, I do try and contain most of my Christmas celebrations until December. Music, films, tree decorating and wrapping are all contained to the last month of the year in one chaotic, glorious, twinkly fashion. But I like how it starts to kick off in November and I can indulge in the little things. Like present planning and Costa menus and advent calendar shopping. Oh and the Lush Christmas range! And, er, online window shopping for Christmas pyjamas…

(Is a Christmas duvet cover taking it too far or nah…?)

The next few weeks are looking pretty sweet. I have a hen do, a trip to Paris, a trip to the Netherlands, a trip to Bath and a couple of cinema trips thrown in for good measure. And naturally I’m eagerly waiting for the St Albans Christmas market to appear right outside our flat again.

It’s going to be hectic but, hopefully, ridiculously fun.

And in between it all, I plan on spending a lot of time on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket and surrounded by candles and fairy lights.

Last Sunday, whilst G was stuck at work, I rediscovered my love for the TV show Scandal. I put on the first episode of season 6 and then suddenly it was five hours later and I hadn’t moved. And it was really freakin’ glorious. It was only later that it occurred to me how it had been an age since I’d done that. Settling down with a good boxset (lol am I the only one who still refers to TV shows this way….?) is definitely one of the few ways I properly relax and I barely do it anymore. Same goes for taking a solid amount of time to curl up with a book. Cos life is busy, sure, but also because I’m not making the time to switch off. But I’m now resolved to rectify that. To have a solid few hours a week where both technology and my brain are switched off. And I am really excited at the prospect.

Other things to report: I keep having flash backs to tripping over my own scarf half way up a staircase in St Pancras station last night. I might have had some wine but nowhere near enough to justify such ridiculousness. Hands up if you’re a cheap date…

G  just texted to say he’s bought some sparklers for me so I am now extremely excited for celebrating bonfire night tomorrow. Love me some fireworks.

I’m also wondering about heading to Tesco after I’ve finished whatever this ramble of a post is and buying a shit load of Mexican food for dinner. Like enchiladas and nachos and ALL THE GUACAMOLE.

And on that note…

Here’s to the final two months of 2017 being about switching off, indulging in the Christmas spirit and having a jolly good time.

(sweet mother, have mercy, I’ve just clocked the Costa Billionaire hot chocolate… *dies*)

Kay, cool, bye.