March Reads: The Widow by Fiona Barton

31 Mar 2017

March has been all about the crime-related thrillers. I am so in the mood for that kinda book at the moment. The kinda book where it’s all about the story; where you accidentally read 100 pages in one go when you should have gone to bed an hour ago because goddamn it, who killed her?! I essentially want Broadchurch in a book.

The Widow is the story of the wife. The wife of the man whose face is splashed across the papers under the words ‘MONSTER’ and ‘CHILD KILLER’. How much does she know? Did she know? How could she have not known? Did she really not know anything or is she just lying to herself?

It is told through the perspectives of the Detective, the Journalist, the Mother and the Widow and flashes between the original case of an abducted child and five years later, when the accused abductor dies in an accident and his widow is free to tell her story for the first time.

It’s an easy book to read and sometimes the dialogue feels a little fake, but it’s so gripping. I raced through it; you don’t find out if he’s guilty or if the child is dead or alive until the very last chapter but there’s plenty to keep you guessing along the way.

I’m actually kind of annoyed that I read The Widow when I did because it would have been perfect for the flight to New York. I googled it and Fiona Barton does have another book coming out of similar ilk but not until June so that’s not helpful. So, yeah, I’m on the hunt for good crime novels. Shout if you have any recommendations.