Little Gems: 27

30 Jun 2017

I just realised that the last time I did a proper Little Gems post was March. MARCH. Last month, I didn’t feel quite right writing a normal one and April was far too preoccupied with being in the Big Apple.

So HI.

After the wonderful chaos that was going to New York and then flying out to Corfu just a few short weeks later, June has been a quiet month. But still full of the little and lovely.

Twenty years of Harry. TWENTY WHOLE YEARS since the first Harry Potter book was published. This made me feel actually, genuinely, old but also warmed my soul (which is wholly intact) because I love it just as much as I did when I was 6 and that’s pretty special. Can’t wait to still be loving you and forcing you on my own children in another twenty years Harry.

Peonies. Finally joined the Instagram cliché crew and bought a punch of peonies (can’t believe it took me so long tbh). Are they not just the most beautiful flowers? Aaaallll the heart emojis.

Line of duty. This was one of those tv dramas I always intended to watch but it never happened and suddenly, there’s four series and everyone is banging on about how good it is. So G and I started watching and, yup, binged watched all four series in a few days. If you’ve watched Line of Duty, you’ll know this was intense. But omg, IT’S SO GOOD.

Harry Potter in concert. Just before we went to Corfu, I took my sister to the Royal Albert Hall to see Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in concert (basically where you watch the film but all the music is played by a live orchestra) for her 21st birthday. To say it was good would be a massive understatement. The music gives you chills and I love how involved the audience we're allowed to be. My favourite moment has got to be when Harry sat down on the stool to be sorted and some lad yelled out 'GO ON HARRY'. That and when everyone clapped when Alan Rickman's name came up in the credits.  

Couch to 5k. I mentioned in my exercise post that G and I have started the NHS Couch to 5k running programme. We’re two weeks in and I HAVEN’T GIVEN UP YET. No one is more surprised than me.

First grad job. My sister managed to get a graduate job after her first ever application and first ever interview. So happy and proud of her (if a little jealous at how quickly she managed it).

Food shopping. After a year and 3 months of living together, G and I have finally got our act together and are doing weekly food shops. You know what’s nice? Already having the ingredients in for that random recipe you wanted to try… Also, it’s cheaper and means we eat better. Yay for nailing one aspect of adulting.

ALL the street food last weekend (more here). Aw man, it was all so damn scrummy *googles nearby food markets*.

#HappyBirthdayOllie.  If you haven’t seen this thread on twitter yet, I implore you to go check it out. It will restore all your faith in humanity and the internet.