June Reads: Let's Talk About Sex

3 Jul 2017

A review of Doing It: Let's Talk About Sex by Hannah Witton

The older I get, the more I realise how poor my sex education was at school. My main memories are watching a video of a couple playing tennis naked on a beach and discussing body parts (year 4), being told that the amount of period blood you produce is approximately half a cup (year 5), being taught to put a condom on a cucumber (year 9) and being shown pictures of genitals riddled with STIs (year 12).

So that’s nice. All you need to know right?

Boys and girls were separated (because why would you need to know about the opposite gender during sex?), LGBTQ+ education went about as far as ‘some people are gay’ and I have no recollection of ever being taught about consent.

Still, should I ever decide to have sex with a cucumber, I am PREPARED. No cucumber babies for me, no sir.

Poor sex education has A LOT to answer for. Sex is everywhere and a part of normal, everyday life but a lack of education on it can lead to some awful scenarios.

So, for that reason, Hannah Witton’s (vlogger & author) book, Doing It: Let’s Talk About Sex, makes me happy. It’s a non-fiction book aimed at young adults (although I think people of all ages could learn a thing or two) and aims to teach the reader about, you guessed it, sex. It’s funny, informative and encourages a positive and healthy attitude towards sex. Plus, it answers pretty much any question. ANY.

There are SO many topics in this book completely missed off and ignored in sex education lessons and it’s great to see someone having the conversation in such a frank, open and reassuring way. I honestly hope they start handing this book out to kids in school.