A Weekend Full of Street Food

25 Jun 2017

“Street food is the future” the girls and I declared last night whilst sat in a warehouse drinking champagne and dipping bread into a baked camembert.

We were at Mercato Metropolitano, a food court near Elephant & Castle, London. It was SO good guys, so good.

We started with a trip to the Miami Beach Backyard Cinema, tucked within the food court. We kicked off our shoes, squidged our toes in the oh so soft sand and sank into a beanbag to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them with a pina colada in hand.

You know what’s underrated? How soothing it is to spend the entirety of a film with your feet buried under sand. Seriously, there’d be a lot less anger in the world if everyone just did this once a week.

When we emerged back into the daylight, we had a drink outside before setting up camp right next to the Champagne and Fromage stall. Totally not deliberate. Honest.

The evening was spent chatting and laughing whilst working our way through gourmet cheesy wedges, tender strips of steak and chorizo on a bed of sweet potato fries, a baked camembert with garlic and herbs, a cheesy pizza and a good few glasses of the bubbly stuff.  Oh and gelato OBVIOUSLY. Pistachio gelato is too sexy for its own good if you ask me.

There was future talk and sex talk and how good is this cheese talk. I was all light headed and happy as I sat on the train back home and then a tad headachy when I woke up this morning.

Note to self: a Sunday morning run will be a lot less sluggish if you haven’t drunk champagne the night before *insert shrug emoji*.

It’s Alban Weekend this weekend in St Albans and today was the street festival part of it. Given it’s literally outside our front door, it would have been rude not to right? No one ever said there was a limit on how much street food one could eat in one weekend…

There’s a market twice a week in St Albans and sometimes, in those moments where you just need to get to Tesco for some milk, you find yourself feeling irritated by the sheer number of people in the centre. In that I KNOW YOU WANT TO LOOK AT HATS BUT COULD YOU NOT JUST STOP DEAD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAVEMENT AND FORCE THE REST OF US TO FORM AN ORDERLY QUEUE kinda way. But then you also know how flippin’ lucky you are to live where you do… it’s the very definition of a first world problem.

Today, though, we just went with the crowd, enjoying the luxury of having all the roads shut off, and the music and street theatre. G enjoyed some beef brisket and I had genuinely one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a long time; with chilli, chorizo and so much cheesiness.

There was a cocktail bar so I had my second pina colada of the weekend, served in a pineapple and then we crammed our faces with some flippin’ sexy churros covered in chocolate and nuts with toffee sauce for dipping. Oh god, so dreamy.

And naturally, I’m now on the sofa resembling a stuffed slug. So, yeah, hope ya had a good weekend folks. I’m gonna watch Glasto and enjoy the high associated with a weekend of good people and good food.